Is Candice Having A Boy Or A Girl?, DiBiase On Kennedy, Kofi

Is Candice Having A Boy Or A Girl?, DiBiase On Kennedy, Kofi
-- When asked whether people will buy a DVD featuring a heel in the lead role, Ted DiBiase firmly believes they will. "Our fans get it. we're World Wrestling Entertainment. You see the trailer, the movie speaks for itself," he told SLAM! Wrestling. "It's such an entertaining film. Our fans are so loyal, man, they are. They're great about picking up our DVDs, because our company does such a great job with them, man. It's a great movie. It's action-packed. Nobody is going to be let down." When reminded that WWE's previous straight-to-DVD release, Behind Enemy Lines III: Colombia, had a star Mr. Kennedy who is no longer with the company, DiBiase chuckled. "I don't think it was due to his movie. I don't know. I'm not worried about that guy. He has his own life and issues. I know that I have a good rapport with WWE. They've placed a lot of trust in me doing the film. I take a lot of pride in that. WWE Studios has just done a fantastic job of putting this together. The special effects, and even the music, is just unbelievable. It just looks like a major motion picture, like we had more money, about twice the money that we spent on it; that's what it looks like with what our budget was. We had to do it pretty quick." He also talks about getting help from John Cena for the film, the differences between preparing for a movie and preparing for a wrestling match, his brothers, and more.

-- Kofi Kingston is today's "Superstar of the Day" on while Natalya is the "Daily Diva."

-- Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle announced on her website last month that she was expecting her first child. To follow-up on the news, she noted on her Twitter account this evening that she's having a girl. Michelle wrote: "What a special day! Just found out were having a little Girl!"

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