Dawn Marie & Bill Watts Comment On 'Dr Death', More

Dawn Marie & Bill Watts Comment On 'Dr Death', More
Dawn Marie sent out the following statement regarding the passing of Steve Dr. Death Williams…

May 14, 1960 - December 29, 2009

We always talk about the angles up in heaven, and how they are there watching and guiding us. We always look up into the sky when we talk about angles and their work. The truth is the real angles are here on earth walking amongst us. They are the ones that were placed on earth to guide us and help us through our stay. Doc was an angle of this earth and only those who he has touched can truly understand what I am about to say. Docs work here is done and now God has rewarded him with peace and eternal rest.

I did not have the pleasure of knowing him when he was an adolescent, a great football player, or an amazing wrestler. I met Doc many years later after he retired and I had left the business and started Wrestlers Rescue. I started to receive these emails and letter in my mailbox from a young lady named Melonie. She wrote to me religiously begging me to find away to help Steve receive a hands free voice box. Her mail and emails haunted me. I could not get them out of my head. One night at about 4am in the morning I was lying in bed and I couldn't sleep. I didn't know why but I just seemed too preoccupied to relax enough to fall off to sleep.

Finally, out of nowhere it all came clear. I realized that I was supposed to do something with the letters. I can remember that night. It was just one of those nights that seemed like so many others. But today I remember it as if it were just last night. I remember texting my friend and right hand person with Wrestlers Rescue, Marty "Are you awake?" He instantly answered "yes I can't sleep". How ironic right? I started to tell him of these letters I was receiving from Melonie and how I can't seem to get them out of my head. I then told him I'm supposed to do something with this. I am being told do something!

We continued to talk and we came up with the 1st draft to the Dr. Death Campaign. By this time it was about 7am and I knew I couldn't call this stranger that early in the morning to tell him of the plans we had just come up with. Finally, it was late enough in the morning to call and I did. I remember this raspy voice answering and saying "hello". I then introduced myself and told him of the foundation and what we would like to try and do to help him. Little did I know that this was going to be about how he was going to help me.

As the days followed I started to learn about him. You see I had only met him once in my career and it was at an appearance in NJ. That day I walked over to him and introduced myself, handed him my card and explained briefly what the foundation was about. I believe the foundation was only a few months old at that time. He placed his thumb over his stoma and said sweetheart it was a pleasure to meet you. He followed with digging into a bag he had on the cafeteria table with the rest of his stuff and pulled out a card for me and said "Sweetheart …if ever anything I can do for you" and placed it in my hand. I then peered down at his card and it was peaceful it had this giant hand absorbing a beam of light. I never saw a card like this but it looked like a safe place to be. Again, not knowing this man was going to be carrying me in his giant hand and showing me the light one day.

I started to call wrestlers from his era and started to inform them who I was and what Wrestlers Rescue was trying to do for their friend and fellow worker. By the time I had finished my conversations, I had realized they all had a common thread. They all gushed about what a great man he was, what a tremendous worker he was, how respected he was, how people looked up to him and were so proud of him on how he faced Cancer and won. I used the word faced because I feel after talking to those people CANCER didn't have a fighting chance. By the end of the month and hearing multiple stories that all sounded like the first I had to called Steve right away. I remember I was driving down the highway in my car and I called.

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