Dawn Marie & Bill Watts Comment On 'Dr Death', More

I started our conversation by telling him, "Doc…. I have never ever heard so many nice stories about one human being in my entire life or about anyone in this crazy business of ours". I said "usually you bring up someone's name and you either get a great story or you get their ok". Of Which the OK means they don't care for you and would probably say worst if the wrestling world wasn't so political. I proceeded to tell him how much everyone loved him and that people just gushed over him whenever his name came up and that I felt like I have known him for years.

I also told him "I feel like I was right there with you throughout your career I have heard so much". He was so happy he even began to cry a bit. He was so overwhelmed that people felt that way about him. I think it was so overwhelming to him because he never thought what he did or how he interacted with people was anything special. He was just himself without motive; no reason other than he was a genuine person and human being. He treated others better than he probably expected other to treat him. I am so happy I took the time to tell him that day because he was such a humble person I don't think he would have realized how so many people loved him, respected him and looked up to him.

Through this period of time I spent with Steve I learned to love the business again. He showed me why I started in the first place. He gave me my business back. This business is usually only given to someone once if they are lucky enough. This is when we are learning and striving to become someone great. The veterans of the business chose you and take their time to give you there knowledge to help you achieve what is in your heart. The first time I was given this business it was from Jimmy Snuka. He took the time to teach me his love for his business. Somewhere along the way I got lost and lost it. Through working with Doc I found that love for the business and the people in it again.

Recently, God directed him back to me to teach me my final lesson. He had an appearance here in NJ again, where I live and that I also happened to be appearing on. This was only the second appearance in my career we ever crossed paths. The first was where we met and the second was our good-bye. I just didn't know it yet. We made plans to spend some time together while he was here. We talked about him coming to my home and meeting my children. But as usual, life got in the way and I was called off to work somewhere else immediately after the show so I had to rush off. We never did get together and he never had the chance to meet my babies or as he use to call them blessings when we talked about them in our many conversations throughout the campaign. That day came and went and with the hustle and bustle of the day I only had moments with him. Had only I known they would be my last. I feel that the last lesson I needed to learn from him was to slow down, live in the moment and enjoy your blessings!

Doc, you were my angel. It is pretty ironic because you use to call me angel and never Dawn and I know in many interviews you also referred to me as that. But the truth was you were mine.…I not yours. You taught me many of life's lessons in our too short relationship. I hope one day when my jobs here on this Earth are done, you will be one of the set of eyes there welcoming me and telling me thank you for hearing me and enjoying your life.

Dawn Marie
Wrestlers Rescue
1162 Saint Georges Avenue
Suite 313
Avenel, NJ 07001

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