Hulk Hogan did an interview with to promote this Monday's three-hour TNA Impact on Spike TV. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On WWE bringing Bret Hart back: "I'm so happy to see Bret Hart come in to go against me because he hated the business. He was bitter. He hated Vince. And you've got to move on. Positively. I'm so happy to see Bret and I've talked to some of Bret's family members and he's excited about coming. He's excited about coming to RAW. I love Bret Hart to death. I'm excited for Bret to come back. And guess what? I already won again. Because Vince McMahon is now showing that he's worried about Hulk Hogan going head to head."

On what he plans to do in TNA: "I'm coming in and I'm going to take a look at everything from the ring to Vince Russo's underwear. I'm going to turn this place upside down. I'm going to take guys like AJ Styles, who works his butt off, so that when AJ Styles goes through an airport a year from now I want people to snap their heads around like it's Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan."

On the chances of Hogan wrestling in TNA: "Slim to none, man. I don't have a deal to wrestle there. You can just think of it as if Dixie Carter had hired Vince McMahon to come in and breathe super energy and super life into the product. Think if Vince was actually hired, what would he do? And that's the best way I can describe it. ... I'm not planning on wrestling. I'm really not. But in this business, you know, Vince McMahon and I say that you can never say never."

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