TNA creative team member Vince Russo a new blog on his Facebook page discussing Monday's iMPACT!, working with Hogan & Bischoff and more. Visit to read the full blog.

"We learned a lot, on Monday night as a company--a lot We hit some home runs, but also struck out once, or twice--but that's OK. What really mattered is that we took risks. We gave you everything we had--and didn't play it safe.

"That's what Eric Bischoff and Russo/Ferrara both did back in the mid-to late 90's. Nothing was safe--NOTHING. The programming, whether it was WWF, or WCW was DANGEROUS. Never one time, no matter how hot we got--did Eric or I EVER rest on our laurels--NEVER. I can't tell you how long Vince has been resting on his . . . I honestly can't.

"I sat in the production truck and I wanted our show, side-by-side to Vince Monday night. It was great to see Bret --I love the guy--always have. But as our show went on, and as I watched his, I just kept asking myself--'where's the effort?'"

"Does Vince think that little of TNA that he felt that he could just produce 'another show' on Monday night? I mean, you take away that first segment and that last segment, and you had a wrestling show that wasn't even mediocre at best. Again--going back to the 90's--that NEVER, would have happened if Eric, or I were in Vince's shoes--NEVER. Resting on your laurels is the worst mistake that anyone can ever make--no matter what type of business you are in."

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