Jim Ross has posted a new blog at JrsBarBQ.com. Highlights are below:

On Bobby Heenan's health: On the 'rasslin front, I hear that Bobby Heenan is improving from his last challenge. I love Bobby and what he has meant to me professionally and personally. No one in the wrestling business had more overall skills than did "The Wease" as he could wrestle, manage, and broadcast with the absolute best.

On returning to TV: Your emails, and we have gotten a great deal lately, regarding me returning to TV some day are appreciated and motivating. Time will tell about what happens down the road but it isn't my top priority these days even though I am anxious to get back to calling matches if that's in the cards for me. We'll know more on that matter prior to Wrestlemania.

On Stu Hart being inducted to the Hall of Fame: Stu Hart going into the WWE HOF is a cool deal as Stu was a real character and is one of the most impersonated men in the history of the wrestling biz. The late Owen Hart played some amazing, telephone practical jokes on his Dad that are classics. I have no idea who else will be inducted but I'm sure that it will be a fun night for those that attend or watch on TV.

On the winner of Brock Lesnar vs Dr Death: An emailer asked me to predict a winner between an imaginary Dr. Death vs. Brock Lesnar fight and I assume that they meant in an octagon and with both in their prime and with both having equal training and experience. Whew. I'm going to have to waffle on that one ala the Texas-Bama game as it would have been an epic or "vintage" collision of big, strong, fearless bulls. It would be a massive PPV fight if both men were allowed to devour some other opponents and then be able to talk about their devastation.

On Danny Hodge: Bottom line...Dan Hodge would likely have beaten them both if all the competitors involved were in their prime. Dana White would have made a mint with a young, vibrant Danny Hodge in UFC. Some MMA purists likely would think that Hodge would have been challenged by some of today's heavyweights ala Lesnar but I've seen Hodge humble some men that were bigger than Brock and not in a show biz environment either. I can almost see MMA eyes rolling but ask some old timers in the fight game that you respect and they will tell you all about Hodge arguably being the greatest on the mat..ever.

You can check out the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com.

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