Reader Marty Hotts has done a bang-up job of collating all the questions that Vince Russo has answered on his Facebook page (

Some of the questions answered so far:

Lucas Wayne Swanger: In your opinion, what's the ONE storyline that changed professional wrestling forever? The Montreal Screwjob? Hogan as the 3rd man? Or is there more than one?

Vince Russo: The Montreal screwjob wasn't a storyline--it was REAL. I'd have to say definitely the "Third Man". You have to give Hogan and Bischoff credit for that.

Al Engels: When are you going to get me a job at the greatest wrestling organization in the world? LOL

Vince Russo: Al--you can have my job after they take me away in a strait jacket.

Mohammed Maaz Mohiuddin: Will Sean Waltman and Scott Hall continue to feature on Impact in the upcoming weeks/months? If yes, then how prominent will their roles be? Or has not much been planned for them at the moment?

Vince Russo: That all depends on Scott and Sean.

Chris C: Have you noticed that every major successful angle in the history of professional wrestling has mirrored an occurring cultural or social trend? Do you think that approach might be the key to developing something new in TNA?

Vince Russo: It might be, Chris--but you also need the right players. It doesn't matter how good a story is--if you don't have the right people in the right parts.

Nigel Dapper Cawich: Vince will ur new book give us insight on ur visit to WWE in [2002].

Vince Russo: Yes it will, Nigel--I tell the whole story in detail

Gary Palmer: Just want to say thank you for years of great writing and just wondered if you will be coming over to England later this month withthe TNA tour as I have meet n greet tickets for Manchester and I would be fantastic to meet you. Thanks again gary

Vince Russo: No, Gary--always working on the next show.

Ryan Cox: who is beta tna or wwe

Vince Russo: If we had the resources that the WWE does--we would. In time . . . in time.

Harry Barnett: Vince if there was 5 guys from WWE/ROH or any company (major or indy) you could get Hulk/Dixie to bring in to TNA, who would they be?

Vince Russo: Never saw a ROH show--don't know their talent. Randy Orton, Randy Orton, Randy Orton, Randy Orton and Randy Orton.

Joshua Alba: Are they getting rid of the 6-sided ring?

Vince Russo: It looks that way.

Josh Wile: What is going to happenwith Jeff Hardy now that he's been indited on drug charges stemming from his September arrest?

Vince Russo: Not really sure--it's really none of my business. He was great to work with though.

Karl Walker: How do you feel about bret the hitman hart, and what did you think about his book???

Vince Russo: Love, Bret, Karl--love him. Didn't get the chance to read his book though.

Charles Kohl: hey vince i am writitng a Fantasty Wrestling show WCW Smackdown got any ideas on my WCW invasion Storyline?

Vince Russo: Wish I had the time--am swamped with IMPACT these days. But, good luck!!!

Michael Klippert: How will things be different this time? Right now TNA seems a lot like WCW of old. Don't get me wrong i am a huge WCW fan. But we know how that ended. What are the plans so to speak about making it different this time. Seems like the only difference is Dixie Carter at the moment. Monday's show was great by the way. Although i am a little worries that we might see "the wolfpac" back again. Purely from my vantage point Hall and Waltman have no business in ring. Thanks Vince

Vince Russo: I don't think it seems like WCW at all. Wrestling, is wrestling--there is only really one way to do it. AJ, Joe, Daniels, Morgan, Hernandez, Brit Invasion, Pope, Machine Guns--were any of those guys from WCW?

Michael Klippert: Point well taken Vince. yes there is new and great talent in TNA right now, i did not mean to imply there wasn't. TNA actually has some of the best talent around. But with Sting, Stiener, Jarret, Hogan, Nash, Booker, the Dudleys, yourself, then announce team for the most part. The list goes on and on. I know i don't speak only for myself here. We as fans want TNA to continue to succeed and beat WWE. Just hoping it doesn't go over like the last time.
Thank you also for the work you have done in the past and continue to do, and for the facebook answers.

Vince Russo: Michael--wrestling, is wrestling--whether it's WCW, WWE, or TNA. Not many ways to do it differently. It's like boxing--you can have many different federations--but it's still boxing.

Ryan DiBiase: Vince--what exactly is Matt Conway`s role on your creative team? Also, where did you find him at? thanks, -=Ryan

Vince Russo: Junior member--Ed and I are teaching him the ropes--life long wrestling fan--young, hard working, understands the business and can put up with me. Matt is the future of TNA.

Jim Sirigos: Okay Vince here's my .02 cents, thanks for reading and LISTENING. When are we gonna see more wrestling on the show and LESS BAD ACTING!? When are the young guys gonna get their chance to shine? Why can't the old guard put them over with the fans instead of protecting their selfish best interests? Can't the LEGENDS belt be used for the old guard and the TNA belt for the youth?

Vince Russo: Jim--the younger guys have had the spotlight since July--I know because that's more, or less when I replaced Jeff. Just look at who your champions are--Eric Young, AJ, British Invasion. The younger guys have definitely been given the spotlight.
And wrestling, or acting--that's just an opinion. Everybody wants something different--the key is to try and please as many peoiple as possible.

Ryan Cox: wat do u mean by 'just fans' [on the Facebook fan page]

Vince Russo: You're in the right [place. You can ask a question here.

Debbie Croft: hey vince how dose it feel to bee working with bishoff and hogan again?

Vince Russo: Challenging--but rewarding. It makes me better.

Mohammed Maaz Mohiuddin: I've read conflicting reports on several websites about that Jeff Jarrett/Hogan segment from the Jan 4 Impact. Some sites say that everything went right, but some sites say that Jeff Jarrett was actually supposed to be a little more cocky in his delivery but he ended up playing to the fans' cheers, and that caused Hogan to be booed. Which story is right here?

Vince Russo: Let's just say--didn't go as "scripted".

John Heath: Someone you work with told me you are the best writer in the history of the business. Who do you think is the 2nd best? And do you consider yourself a booker?

Vince Russo: I hate the word "booker"--HATE IT!!! There is a big difference between a writer and a "booker". I'm a writer. Fast Eddie Ferrara is every bit the writer I am---and a lot smarter!!!

Phillis Man: Hey there vince, could you tell me what a typical day at the TNA workplace is like?

Vince Russo: It's really just a job like any other job--there's a boss--there are responsibilities--and you just do the best you can do.

Shawn McDougall: With all the added talent will there be a thursday & monday show? (separate "brands" except for champions). X-division tag titles will be nice.

Vince Russo: That has been discussed. Much of it depends on Spike.

Corey Davis: When you initially joined WCW (October'ish 1999?) who were some of the guys you saw a lot of potential in?

Vince Russo: All those guys on the 2nd tier at the time--Rey, Eddie, Dean, Benoit--all those guys had great, great talent.

Brian Slaughter: Do you have any regrets about the Attitude Era now that you've found Christ? Do any of the storylines you've written in the past go further than you would go today, and is TNA going in a more adult-oriented "Attitude Era" direction as opposed to WWE's PG rating in the coming Monday Night War?

Vince Russo: Not at all--it was those experiences that led to Christ finding me. I would certainly not do a lot of those things today. As far as TNA's style--we are on in prime time, with a prime time audience--we need to put out a product that that audience will be interested in.

Joshua Ingram: Mr. Russo man, love your work. Always have. I was drawn even more to you when I found out you got saved. I did too, at about the same time you did. Cant wait to meet you in Heaven. Anyways, heres my question. TNA founder is born-again, right? World Champion is born-again. Head writer is born-again. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use your stage to glorify Christ. You have an opportunity to reach millions. If they reject it and turn away, thats beyond your control. Thats why its called faith. Have you tried to implement the Gospel into TNA?

Vince Russo: Joshua--I do every, single day I go to work. Glorifying God is always on my mind in everything I do. Remember--wrestling is good vs. evil and good always wins!

Shabbir Patel: dear vince, how do i get those greys out of my beard? haha j/k. i cant believe this, you are giving us an open platform to ask questions and i have blanked out. ok here's a generic question: what is your favourite wrestling storyline of all time? what is the best storyline you have ever written in your opinion?

Vince Russo: Rock joining the Corporation--I LOVE the greys in my beard!!!

Adrian Green: what was the story behind [Mr Wrestling III] anyone know?

Vince Russo: Adrian, I wasn't a big fan of the Mr. Wrestling III angle--that one was not my idea. Just did was I was told to do like a good soldier. Not every idea came, or comes from me--that one didn't. Peace, Vince.

you dont get the credit you deserve for what you did for wwe and what you are doing at tna. Please dont let tna become just wcw revisted

We have to stop with the TNA/WCW comparisions. It's 2 different companies at 2 different times.

Vince, why did you decide to get into the ring during your time in WCW? For a while, you said you'd never appear on TV, and then you became part of the main New Blood storyline after the relaunch. Do you ever regret doing that?

Mainly because of the pressure being put on me for rating. My attitude was--if they want ratings--then I'll do it myself. No regrets--I learned a lot from it.

Hi Vince i would like your thoughts on some of the talent that have recently shown up in TNA, Hulk Hogans Wrestling Tour recently toured down under with a some of the bigger free agents being on that tour i was at the melbourne show and saw some extremely sloppy wrestling that night yet some of those stars have shown up at TNA do you think TNA would be better investing in some new younger talent and developing new guys like AJ, Joe and Daniels then bringing back old stars that were popular in the 90's

We are developing so many new stars at once that I don't think we can add many more to that mix. It takes so much to get new talent "over", and right now we have our hands full.

hi vince, think anyone will say hey vince..(mcmahon) you need to step away from the business because its affecting the product

Only if they want to lose their job.

Hey Vince, I'm really looking foward to reading your new book. Any chance you'll be doing any book tours? Also what storylines in 2009 were you most proud of? J

I think we told a nice AJ/Sting story if you really looked for the details. The Abyss character did a lot of cool things as well.

Whos the most difficult wrestling star you had to write for?

Probably Goldberg. It was tough to write for him being that WCW had made him so one-dimensional before I got there.

I wish you well, but i am very concerned about the "Rehash" of older talent philosophy. if done fresh, i'm sure it could be a sucess, we all still mark for "Hey Yo...!" but keep the DQ, and countouts to a minimum, and i'll peek thru the window now and again to see whats happening.

Always have to try new and different things. You just can't do the same thing week after week. It's very difficult to book 64 shows a year and in order to do that sometimes you need to pull out ALL the stops.

Scale of 1-10 how creative is Glen Gilberti? Did he ever help you come up with any ideas in WCW or TNA worth mentioning?

8. Glen is extremely creative--I talk alot about him in my new book.

Hey Vince, you're a New York guy: Jets or Giants?


Could we ever see any of these in TNA anytime soon? Falls Count Anywhere Match, Bra & Panties Match, any new Titles(Hardcore Title)?

I don't think you'll be seeing any bras and panties matches--I respect our Knockouts way to much. But you will see other creative matches.

Any chance you could book a match that doesn't end in a stupid finish? They are called finisher moves Vince, use them! A DQ in a CAGE MATCH!!! Are you off your mind? Two roll-ups and in the Main Event we saw about 8 finishing moves! Come on Russo, surely you learned your lessons in WCW? Let the wrestlers wrestle and do... what they do best! You don't need screwy finishes or 12 finishing moves to make a match good!

I guess you will never see a DQ in an MMA fight? Do you have any idea what it takes to book over 400 matches a year--trying to make each one fresh and different? Any? If you do many you should apply for my job.

Hey Vince. Forget about all that other stuff. When are you gonna plug your book properly? Your last one was an inspiration work of art, and I expect no less from this one. Are you going to do book signings? Perhaps in Chicago? (maybe do a little Oprah? :P) Cause i need a certain Vic Venom to sign it. - Mish

This book is quite different--much, much more wrestling. Haven't discussed signings yet--really enjoy doing them though. As soon as I have some lined up I will let you know.

Hey Vince, I am a huge fan. I was wondering if you could script a feud between any 2 wrestlers, who would they be and why?

The "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd and The Rock. How graet would that be?!!!

Did you happen to listen to Jim Cornette's funny rant on TNA? He makes some good points buts very funny to listen to.

No, I don't enjoy being personally attacked. Throughout my entire career I have never said one negative word about Jim Cornette--not one. If he wants to be a Vince Russo and TNA hater--let him knock his socks off--but I'm not really interested in listening to that.

hey vince do you think if Shelton Benjamin was let go by wwe he will be a good fit in TNA?

Not really familiar with his work. Don't watch WWE much.

hey Vince, Radz here, does it annoy you when the internet wrestling community just brand you "shock tv" not realising the intriciasies of a amazing storlyine like rock joining the corperation or nWo Silver and Black formation? also any chance of cutting down on the match length on impact and less womens wrestling please!

Radz, everybody likes different things. That's why I said earlier--the key is to try to hit a chord with as many viewers as possible--be it wrestling, entertainment, etc. Also, the Knockouts draw the largest numbers every week.

Hi Vince,the "brlillant idea" to bring back in TNA the old Bob the Bullett Armstrong was you or a Cornette's idea

Can't really remember. I will say that I love and respect the "Bullet". He's a great, great man.

Hi again Vince,i would to know what about Eric Young and the World Elite? they still have space on TV?

Absolutely. Eric Young is a great, great talent.

Vince i'm thinking of getting in the wrestling industry and i just want to know what people do i have to hang with or talk to to get to the top? and is TNA going to have a magazine?

It depends on what capacity you're talking about. TNA has been talking about a magazine.

Vince, what is your opinion on the way WWE have treated Christian since his return from TNA? Do you think he is being held back or 'punished' because of his jump to TNA in 05? He really is such a great talent who should be a huge star in WWE right now.

He is absolutely being punished in what I think is a very unfair way. Just another childish Vince McMahon game.

Vince Russo...I love where the new TNA is going! You have a lot of great talent! Who do u think is the best?

That's a very vauge question. We have so many years guys who have not really reached their potential yet--so it's tough to say. I will say, however, that the Pope stands out as a shinning star.

Kurt Angle.

TNA Impact regularly gets a lot of stick from wrestling critics all over the internet. Do you think that this is because they actually dislike TNA/You/Hogan etc or because they strive so much for somebody to rival the WWE that anything that isn't a hit right of the bat gets a higher then usual amount of critisism?

It's because they hate me and hate Hogan--and it's also because they want TNA to be a 2 hour wrestling show--with TWO HOURS of wrestling--that ain't gonna happen, so the haters will continue to hate.

Vince, who pulled the briefcase away from Austin at King of the Ring 1999?

I wish I could remember that far back. Not even sure what I ate for breakfast yesterday.

How do you feel about TNA getting rid of the 6 sided ring? It makes me Ill.

Not really in agreement with it--I think it makes TNA--TNA.

robert roode is one guy who reminds me alot of HHH from 1999-2000,do u think he may get a push as a singles wrestler soon?also who do you think is the most under-used wrestler on the TNA roster? i think its amazing red

I think Rude will one day be a tremendous singles star for TNA. Under rated? Eric Young.

Vince do you have plans for val venis? or was that just a one time thing on monday?

Sean Morley is on the TNA roster.

Hey vince, i'm an avid fan of wrestling and love to watch TNA. The thing that I noticed is that it seems that the storylines seem to get mixed up a bit. ie: the mysterious attacker of A.J. Styles. Is this something that is out of your control or is just too little time for so many wrestlers?

I like to play things out--you're not going to get your answers in a week. I've been waiting 5 years to get the answers to "Lost". That's just my style--always has been. If you don't pay attention you'll claim it doesn't make sense. Everything I write "makes sense"--you just have to pay attention to get it. AJ's attacker--by the way--gets paid off next week on Impact.

Vince, do you see Bill Goldberg possibly coming to TNA?

Why not?

Hey Vince, huge fan. Just got done promoting the Jan 15 show in Reading,Pa.What are the chances of Sid,Kennedy,and Rvd coming in? Why do you think Vinny Mac doesn't see Tna as a threat, and continues to put on horrible shows every week? Thanks for all the hard work in making Tna the best wrestling company out there

Vince does recognize TNA--but his ego will never let him admitt it. Sid, RVD and Kennedy would all be great TNA additions.

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