Vince Russo has a new blog entry up thanking news sites for overanalyzing everything he writes. Here is what he wrote:

I want to thank those dirt sheet writers for analyzing my every syllable, as a result helping promote my new book, which will be released next month, entitled, "Rope Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo", by Vince Russo. By the way, keep in mind, that the book took me three years to write, while my answers here--which are analyzed and debated for days--take about 10 seconds each--because we're in the middle of writing 5 shows.

One more thing, as far as watching our competition, before Russo and Ferrara came to WWF, VINCE McMAHON thought ECW was a protein supplement. Let me translate that for the analyzers--Vince McMahon NEVER WATCHED ECW, WCW, or any of his competition. I imagine he watches ECW now, only because he has no choice--he owns it. Now, in order for you guys to have fodder for your afternoon columns, blogs and tweets, the Creative Team is going out to eat Gyros for lunch. Analyze that for the next three days.

Peace, Vince

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