WWE is set to run a RAW house show at the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO on 3/12. This will be the first time they have returned to the Pepsi Center since last year's "Denver Debacle" that featured WWE and Vince McMahon taking shots at the Denver Nuggets and the team's (and Pepsi Center's) owner.

WWE's 2/26 RAW house show in Amarillo, TX that was moved to 2/27 and changed to a Smackdown/ECW house show is now back to 2/26 and a RAW house show .

Former WWE star Ken "Kenny Dykstra" Doann will be part of the cast for the Seducing Cindy reality show that debuts on FOX Reality on 1/30. Here is the premise of the show. She set world records , made hearts race with her Playboy cover at age 40, and now American icon Cindy Margolis is making the ultimate fantasy come true for her most devoted fans in the steamiest reality dating show ever. Over the course of eight, one-hour episodes, Cindy will open herself up to romance with men of all ages and from all walks of life in an effort to find her ultimate soul mate. Cindy's suitors will offer her true variety and tough choices as they battle through competitive tasks and fight for her affection and a coveted garter belt off of her leg, signifying a chance to stay on Cindy's list of potential mates.

Jeff Jarrett appeared on the Danny Bonaduce radio show today and worked an angle with Danny Bonaduce. Here's a recap by Phil Lions: Jeff Jarrett was on Danny Bonaduce's Philly radio show today and ended up getting into a heated argument with Bonaduce. On this particular day Bonaduce wasn't in the studio because he was in New York City so Jarrett (along with Jeremy Borash) was in the studio only with the other hosts of the show. The interview started off with Bonaduce (broadcasting from New York) putting over Jarrett and TNA big time. Jarrett then plugged tonight's TNA house show in Reading, PA. Talk then moved to Bonaduce's match against Eric Young at last year's Lockdown and Jarrett was complimentary of Bonaduce's work. Danny said he wants one more shot at Eric Young. Anyway, at one point Bonaduce brought up his stint in Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling and that's when Jarrett went into heel mode. Jarrett was pissed off that Bonaduce was wasting time talking about that "miserable failure" known as CCW instead of talking about TNA. Jarrett buried CCW pretty hard here. There was a CCW Danny Bonaduce poster on the wall in the Philly studio and Jarrett wrote "CCW sucks hard" on it and drew bunny years on Bonaduce Bonaduce called Jarrett a d***. Danny said he really, really likes TNA and wants to wrestle there once again but he's not going to suck up to Jarrett to get in. Jarrett then proceeded to steal Bonaduce's CCW Title belt (which was in the Philly studio) and challenged Bonaduce to come to Genesis and take it back, or if he can't make Genesis he can show up whenever he wants. Bonaduce promised that he'll eventually get his belt back but he would first need to train for about 3 months or so and be in top condition if he's to fight Jeff Jarrett. He said he could beat Eric Young today but he would need to be in better shape in order to defeat Jarrett. Bonaduce then talked about being good friends with Hogan and possibly using that connection to get back in TNA. Danny finished off his promo on Jarrett by swearing that he'll get his belt back or he'll spill more blood than TNA's ever seen before. At that point Jarrett had already left the studio with Danny's belt.

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