Earlier this month a 15-year-old WWE fan accused Randy Orton of assault after Orton allegedly spit gum in his face and swore at him outside a restaurant in Boston, Mass. The fan claims he asked Orton for a picture and Orton got hostile and "assaulted" him.

Orton posted a message on his website explaining his side of the story:

"Here's what happened: I walked out of Kowloon's Friday night around 12:30-1 a.m. with Santino and a police officer escort. As I was being rudely hounded for pictures and autos (I had a 6:40 a.m. flight through Minni to Lincoln, then a drive to Omaha, a match, a drive back to Omaha, then a charter to Minni, and a driver to Rochester for the next show the next day, btw), I was confronted by an older women who said: 'Hey Randy, you spit on my handicapped son a few years ago at a show, what do you have to say about that?' My replay...`So Sue me.'

Then I proceeded to my car, with Santino and the cop and drove back to our hotel by the Boston airport. I know I have been a bit of a hothead in the past, but I DID NOT spit gum and call names to any child. The women is claiming I called her son a `retard' 3 times, and spit gum in his face. Come on people, even at my worst temperament, I would never call a handicapped child something awful like that. I'll actually sign anything for any child with any disability.

I heard just today from WWE attorneys that this women filed assault charges against me 4 days later? Hmmm, oh, and what about the dozens of cops at the restaurant that were there for crowd control since there were over 100 wrestling fans there? Not to mention the cop that escorted me to my freaking car. I'll be happy when this is over. I guess if I've learned anything from this, it is not to ever challenge anyone to sue me."

According to The Saugus Advertiser, a witness has come forward in the alleged Randy Orton fan attack case. According to the article, Wakefield resident Stephen Addonizio was sitting in a car with his sister in the Kowloon parking lot at the time that the alleged assault took place. Addonizio says that Orton was walking to his car when "about a dozen kids rushed him and asked for pictures". Orton reportedly denied requests for autographs, and one of the juveniles yelled profanities Orton turned to respond when other wrestlers pulled him back and towards their car. "He just kept walking past them and got into his car," Addonizio said, adding that he never saw Orton come into contact with anyone.

Robert Zimmerman, vice-president of public relations and corporate communications for WWE, stated that the WWE is aware of the situation, and that they were looking into it.

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