-- Ken Anderson posted the following message on his twitter, to clear up his TNA contract status. He then deleted the comments. "I guess that those 6 copies of paperwork that my manager, agent, lawyer, and TNA officials toiled over for a month & I signed & overnighted weren't contracts. I thought they were, I thought I had signed for a one year deal, but then again, what the hell do I know...?"

-- Ringside Collectables sent out the following announcement today, detailing how you can talk with Mattel's design team tonight…


The Mattel WWE Figure Design Team will be participating in a live chat event TONIGHT at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Don't miss this rare opportunity to ask Mattel your questions and send them your suggestions about their brand new WWE Action Figure Line! Presented by WrestlingFigs.com & Ringside Collectibles, Your Mattel WWE Wrestling Figure Headquarters!

-- As noted earlier, Chris Jericho will be on the cover of the March issue of Men's Fitness, which hits newsstands on January 25th. You can check out footage of Jericho's photo shoot at mensfitness.com/jericho Below are comments from Jericho's interview, as well as the cover of the magazine, featuring Jericho.

On What Influence Him To Be A Wrestler: "I loved the pomp and circumstance. It was like a play between good and bad guys."

On How Life In The Ring Prepared Him To Tackle A Career In Hollywood: "We still gotta take the bumps and bruises,' he says. 'It's show-business boot camp. You learn how to behave in front of a live crowd. In this day and age, it's not how big your biceps are, it's about connecting with fans. It's like being an actor onstage.' "

On His Challenges To Eat Right During Hard Times: "You'd go into convenience stores and buy hard-boiled eggs, bottled water and some apples and that's your healthy dinner. If you're lucky."

On Working Out With Little To No Money: "When I didn't have enough money for gas to drive the 25 minutes to Calgary, I worked out in a barn. Pull-ups on the wooden struts and hay bale curls. Chugging raw eggs and devouring liver for extra protein. You do what you have to do to keep in shape."

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