-- Booker T was on Between the Ropes Wednesday night, and said that he would be going to go to LA to try his hand at acting, and that he would not be working for a major company any time soon.

-- Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will be on the Rachel Ray show later today.

-- WWE.com has part two of their feature on Dan Spivey up on the website.

-- JBL has a new blog up on the WWE Universe, discussing being retired for a year, and the Miz calling him out on RAW.

-- Dwayne Johnson is on YouTube as a part of the Celebrity Playlists page. Johnson discusses matches with his father and Tony Atlas against the Wild Samoans, as well as, Jimmy Snuka's iconic cage match. You can check that out at youtube.com/celebrityplaylists

-- ContactMusic.com has an article up on Linda Hogan settling with the Graziano family.

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