-- The quarter-hour ratings breakdown for TNA iMPACT! on January 21 showed that the opening segment (featuring Hulk Hogan) and the closing half hour (mostly featuring Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles) did a 1.32 rating, which were the highest rated segments of the show.

-- Awesome Kong in not on the UK tour. As reported, she asked for her release on Tuesday, and was supposed to talk with TNA officials yesterday about her future in the company. Numerous people have asked for their TNA releases over the years and most have always been talked out of it. We'll see but she did give notice on Tuesday night.

-- As noted yesterday, Alex Shelley is off of the UK tour, due to continued issues with disc injuries and Bobby Lashley is off of the tour due to having an MMA fight on January 30th for Strikeforce.

-- TNA have announced some live events in Pennsylvania and West Virginia for the March 12-14 weekend. None of the newly-signed talent has been announced for these shows. Anyone surprised by that? Not us!

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