Jim Ross has a new blog entry up; here are the highlights…

On Vince Russo: Emailers asked about my thoughts about all that's apparently going on with former WWE writer Vince Russo and him defending himself, etc to the media that covers wrestling. I have not been following it too closely to be honest with you. I do think that creative types in today's wrestling world are under tremendous pressure and scrutiny. I have great compassion for what they do particularly in today's society. Fans of all broadcast genres are harder to please these days because of all the info flow available but people can only do their best and follow their instincts. I still think the keys to the process is listening to the objective critiques of the consumers and to follow rating trends. But it all will come back to one's natural instincts on how they see the genre presented. I know what I personally like in a wrestling TV show but that certainly doesn't mean that others might like the direction that I might take. Hell, I might not like it after I saw it air.

On Ludvig Borga: Been reading a little about the death of Tony Halme aka Ludvig Borga and, including his concealed SS tattoo on his calf I won't speak at length about those that have passed away but Tony obviously had issues and was not a great guy to be around. Perhaps others have a different view of this man but I personally found him to be somewhat obnoxious and he could be a bully if allowed to be such. Guys like Halme don't mix well in any locker room and need to be removed from the "team" sooner than later. Nonetheless I still feel badly about the last years of Tony's life as things really unraveled for him seemingly due to alcohol and drug issues. When one competes with "demons" unfortunately the "demons" usually win unless one is personally and throughly committed to changing one's behavior. Wrestlers with problems of this nature either need to have the problem solved, which takes everyone's best efforts specifically the individual himself, or have the problem person needs to be eliminated from the equation. That might sound harsh but some folks would rather "catch a buzz" than do the right thing for themselves, their family and the company for which they work.

On The Proper Way To Seek Autographs: Another emailer asked me about wrestlers in particular signing autographs, posing for photos with fans, etc. I have had MANY more positive experiences with fans than negative ones in my career but the advent of camera phones has really changed the dynamic of interacting with fans. Some fans can be obsessed and overwhelming at times and feel as if they are obligated to get whatever it is that they ask for. When a fan wants one to stop what they are doing while standing at a urinal and take a photo with them and then get miffed when one doesn't, is taking things a little too far. This has happened to me. Same goes when one is eating lunch for example and fans want one to stop, engage them in conversation and then shake hands or hug before resuming one's meal. That's also taking things a little too far. We all have to be aware of health concerns which is why Purell sales are so amazing one could argue. In other words, allow one to finish their meal and then approach them. In other words just use basic common sense.

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