-- Slam! Wrestling recently interviewed RVD, and he spoke about the possibility of him going to TNA. You can check out that interview here. Here are some highlights… "I have some interest right now. For the longest time I have been saying no thanks, and recently it turned into a maybe. Now with the spotlight on TNA with Hogan being there, as much as people were talking about it before people are talking about it three times as much now. There is a lot of optimism in the air, maybe something will work out."

-- During an interview with the PW Torch conducted this past September, Eric Bischoff commented on whether he had given thought to joining TNA Wrestling. In his response, Bischoff called WWE's television product "boring" and predictable. "Not really. A, because I don't watch it. B, because I just don't think about it. I don't watch WWE, either. It's not because I don't like it. Well, it's kind of because I don't like it. It's just that it's so boring I can almost tell you what's going to happen 30 seconds before it happens," Bischoff said. "I'm not just talking about the matches, I'm talking about the whole storyline arc of the show. But, I don't want to say this the wrong way. It's not a "been there, done that" syndrome, although that's kind of part of it. It's that unless it's really creatively challenging and stimulating, I just don't think about it. Since I'm not in it and I don't really watch it, it's just not something that I think about. I've probably thought more about wrestling in the last two interviews I've done with you than I have in the last two years." It should be noted that Bischoff was in negotiations to work with TNA when the interview took place.

-- TNAWrestling.com has posted photos from TNA's live event in Paris, France on Monday. The photos were taken by Dixie Carter's husband, Serg Salinas.

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