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"If I didn't complain, I'd have nothin' else to talk about!"

Mee Maw

16 & Pregnant

You gotta love that line from Mee Maw in MTV's "16 & Pregnant". I guess that just about sums up where the 99% of the negative energy comes from in this business. Those that give into the theory of "Good News" doesn't sell, should Goggle how many copies of the Bible have been sold in our lifetime.

Nuff said.

Why am I so highly entertained by "reality" TV? "Teen Moms", "Dr. Drew Drug Rehab", "Bad Girls Club", and of course "Jersey Shore". Man, I would just love to be slapped around by J-WOW even if it was for one stinkin' night. That is my kind of girl. What's odd, is that I guess somebody like me, a professional writer because I get paid to do what I do, should watch these shows and just rip them to shreds. I mean, "Bill & Gulliana", is a "reality" show that is so badly scripted, that I should start my own on-line newsletter and rip it to shreds every week. The only reason I don't is because I WATCH IT, and I AM ENTERTAINED BY IT.

Which brings me to "IMPACT!". I'd like to thank all of you for giving us a 1.3 rating for three weeks in a row. I don't think we've ever done that before. I can't believe that we have reached that height for the first time–and yet–as somebody watched the show with a stop-watch–there was only 16 minutes of wrestling on the show!!!"

I've got to be honest with you, for the last month I haven't really been myself because I've been dealing with a health issue. A health issue serious enough that I was forced to go to a doctor for the first time in a decade. Now grant it, as I stated in "Forgiven", I am a hypochondriac, but believe me–this time there was something to worry about. As the days grew long, and the symptoms persisted, I just couldn't help but to think every day about my life. The things that got me here, the things that really made me tick, the things that I've done, the things that I still want to do. But, the one vision that just keep itself burned in my mind no matter what I did was my family. If anything happen to me–I can't even describe into words how much I'd miss them. I couldn't stop thinking about that. Almost 50 years on this planet, and what it came down to was a hand full of people. Then Matt told me that somebody actually posted on line the minutes we had of wrestling on Thursday's show. I couldn't help but ask myself, "How can something so trivial mean so much to somebody that they would actually sit there and count how many minutes of fake wrestling were on a fake wrestling show in the course of two hours?" That just put everything in perspective for me.

Point: Enjoy wrestling, we all do, just don't let it consume your life because there are just so many things in life that are far more important.


I'm listening to Barry Manilow as I write this and I really don't care what anyone thinks.
I'm not a Michael Jackson fan, BUT–if you want to see a true, true artist at work you should rent "This is It".

I was impressed with Orlando Jordan. He carries himself like a star–rare in this business.

Eric Bischoff may work as hard as Vince McMahon–and I truly mean that.

Nick Hogan is a good kid.

Bubba the Love Sponge can work all the angles he wants–it was ME who pulled Awesome Kong off of him–why doesn't he talk about THAT on his radio show?!!!

"Rope Opera" is coming out in 5 days–really proud of the book. I wrote it almost "diary style" as I got towards the end. It was amazing to see my feelings change day, to day, right before my very eyes.

Looking forward to "Lost" on February 2nd. I wonder if I'll start understanding it this year.

Probably not.

Can you imagine having Michael Scott as your boss?

I'm glad the Jets lost because Bill Banks & Taz are avid Jet fans. Does that make me a bad person?

I wonder how many minutes during a baseball game, the ball is actually in-play? Bet you it's not even 16. HMMMM.

Bret Favre needs to come back.

My favorite store to shop at? "Goodwill", go there at least two times a week. Just bought a 20 year-old framed poster of Michaels Jordan
and Spike Lee for $3.50. Tell me WHERE are you going to get a deal like that. Right now I'm typing in a "Borat" t-shirt that cost me .99.

Watched a Britney Spears doc this morning. Man, was she a lost soul–hopefully she's completely out of it.

One month ago I never thought I'd be saying this, but man, It's an exciting time at work right now. Strange, especially when many were calling for a lethal injection to Russo come Jan. 4th.



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