-- Apparently in response to the negative publicity Gregory Helms' arrest yesterday morning for public intoxication is receiving, the WWE website pulled his "Superstar of the Day" photo this afternoon, replacing The Hurricane with Cody Rhodes. In another note, WWE forgot to remove the hyperlink beneath the photo leading to The Hurricane's bio.

-- Dulé Hill describes his big night hosting RAW at WWE.com

-- Every week, the sports website Deadspin will examine the wrestling industry's fallen warriors and examine their legacies — famous and obscure alike. Former WWE performer Tony Halme (a/k/a Ludvig Borga) is profiled in the inaugural edition of the Dead Wrestler of the Week. Halme died on Jan. 8 of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

-- In today's wrestling birthday, the infrequently seen Shark Boy turns 35 years old. Shark Boy is still under contract to TNA, but sparingly used.

-- Torrie Wilson relayed a "funny story" on her Twitter account last night involving a loaded pistol. Wilson said she was alone in her residence and felt scared, so she pulled out a loaded pistol, took the safety off, and fired a shot into her bathroom which went straight through the ceiling. "Crazy and glad [I] didn't kill a dog," Wilson wrote. The former WWE Diva was hospitalized this past October after having a bad reaction to some prescription medication she was taking. According to a source, some of Wilson's friends have been worried for her as of late. (Source: The Wrestling Globe)

-- Should the WWE punish Helms, Jericho and/or Hardy? We have a thread going on our forums about this, you can go to the thread by clicking here.

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