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-- Ring of Honor Wrestling debuts in Los Angeles, CA tonight as part of the WrestleReunion convention.

-- Slam Wrestling! recently interviewed John Morrison about the Royal Rumble PPV. You can check that out at http:/

-- has an interview up with Sheamus, discussing tomorrow's WWE Supershow, where he will face John Cena.

-- WWE Monday Night RAW will be held at the I Wireless Center in Moline, Illinois on April 5th. Tickets go on sale on February 6th at 10AM.

-- has an update to the story, saying that if Helms and Irvine are convicted on the misdemeanor charge, that it carries a fine of $25 and court costs of $134. They could appear in court on February 16th to challenge the charge, or they could just end the situation by paying $159 before the scheduled court date. WWE released a statement yesterday, saying that they feel authorities will take appropriate action, if necessary. WWE declined further comment.

Here are some of the recent Twitter posts from Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho…

Chris Jericho: Tuesday Night: "Listening to zakk Wylde and having a GG [Grey Goose Vodka] contest with Hurricane. It's the woods vs the praries. Praires are winning..." Today: "So, anything going on today?"

Matt Hardy: Today: "I've been working on my future autobiography here & there-it'll be an amazing look into my career & the business.. It'll totally be REAL.." And for the record, the book would be something that would happen WAAAY down the road.. So don't get overly excited, HaHa!"

'The Hurricane' has not tweeted since the arrest.

Should the WWE punish Helms, Jericho and/or Hardy? We have a thread going on our forums about this, you can go to the thread by clicking here.

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