These results are from's live, match-by-match coverage of WWE Royal Rumble.

ECW Championship Match
Christian (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson dominated early with his power moves, but Christian was able to turn the tide after slapping Jackson and following up with a flying dropkick. Jackson regained the advantage and threw Christian out of the ring. William Regal proceeded to land some kicks on Christian, which prompted the referee to send Regal to the back.

Jackson continued to dominate Christian and tried several pinfall attempts, with Christian repeatedly kicking out.

The end of the match saw Jackson ramming Christian's back into the turnbuckle, but Christian was able to maneuver out and nail a killswitch out of nowhere to get the win. Good opener.

Winner and STILL ECW Champion: Christian

Backstage Cryme Tyme complained to Teddy Long about both of them not being in the Rumble. They tried to get Khali to give up his spot in return for kissing Tiffany. Ranjin Singh came in and turned it down. The Miz then came in saying that they wouldn't be remembered in five years, but him winning the Rumble would be. Long then announced that Miz would defend the title against MVP next.

Cody Rhodes approached Randy Orton backstage and said that he would be there for Orton. He said that he couldn't say the same for Ted Dibiase, and that Dibiase hasn't been the same since doing the movie. He said that Dibiase has been saying that he wants to win the Rumble and beat Orton for the title at WrestleMania. Rhodes said that Orton could count on him, though.

United States Championship
The Miz (c) vs. MVP

MVP dominated the opening moments of the match and dominated most of the match.

Towards the end of the match, MVP went for the Playmaker, but Miz slipped out and MVP nailed him with a kick for the two count. MVP nailed MVP with a shoulderblock for another two count. MVP missed another kick but was able to small package Miz for another two count. MVP then went for several pin attempts, but Miz kept kicking out. MVP then chased Miz out of the ring. Miz ran back into the ring and caught MVP with a small package to win the match.

After the bout, MVP nailed Miz with the Playmaker and left the ring. The crowd actually booed MVP for attacking Miz after the match.

Winner and STILL U.S. Champion - The Miz

Chris Jericho approached Big Show backstage and said that the Miz was selfish and was just using Show for his own personal reasons. Big Show noted that Jericho did that same exact thing. Show said that he would throw Miz and Jericho out of the Rumble if it came down to the three of them. R-Truth came in and said that he was looking to eliminate Jericho from the Rumble.

Ted Dibiase approached Randy Orton backstage and said that he had Orton's back. Dibiase said that Cody Rhodes has been saying that he wants to face Sheamus at WrestleMania. Orton said he was moments away from facing Sheamus and winning the title back, and didn't want any help from Dibiase or Rhodes.

A promo hyping Bret Hart's return to RAW aired.

WWE Championship Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton

Sheamus entered the ring first. Orton came out second, and got a big pop from the crowd.

Both men had a lengthy staredown to start the match. There was a loud "Randy" chant and a big pop when Orton stunned Sheamus with a standing dropkick, the first offensive manuever in the match.

Shaemus went on to dominate the early part of the match. Later in the match, Orton caught Sheamus entering the ring with a DDT and managed to get a two-count before Sheamus put his hand on the rope to break the count. He then went for the punt, but Sheamus was able to roll out of the ring. Outside of the ring, Cody Rhodes nailed Sheamus, which the referee saw. With the referee distracted with Rhodes, Orton nailed Sheamus with the RKO but the referee wouldn't count and called for the bell. It was then announced that Sheamus won the match via disqualification.

Winner via disqualification and STILL WWE Champion: Sheamus.

After the match, Rhodes tried to explain himself to Orton, but Orton punched Rhodes and started slamming his head in the mat. Dibiase entered the ring and Orton did more of the same to Dibiase. Orton put the beat down on both as Sheamus recovered. Sheamus then went on to hit Orton with a big kick and left the ring.

WWE Women's Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs. Mickie James

McCool got on the mic and said that James was nowhere to be found and that she was forfeiting the match. Layla came out in a fat suit and some dumpy music before Mickie hit the ring. James attacked Layla and then got in the ring, and the match is underway.

McCool went to kick James but accidentally hit Layla. James then hit McCool with a DDT and got the pin to become the new WWE Women's Champion.

Winner and NEW WWE Women's Champion: Mickie James

After the match, James threw Layla onto
McCool and all the other divas brought a cake in the ring. James then planted McCool and Layla with the cake.

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio utilized his quickness early, but Undertaker just tossed him over the top rope. Taker continued on offense, dominating his smaller opponent with punches and kicks. Taker went for a chokeslam, but Mysterio was able to turn it into a hurricarana and went for a 619, but Taker caught him.

Undertaker continued to dominate the match, with Mysterio managing to get in spurts of offense with his counters.

The end of the match saw Undertaker go for a last ride, but Mysterio wiggled out and was able to nail Taker with two straight 619s and went for the West Coast pump, but Taker caught him and held him up for the last ride for a long time, before dropping Mysterio and getting the pin.

Winner via pinfall and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker

Kane approached Shawn Michaels backstage and told him that his obsession with The Undertaker was unhealthy. Kane left and HHH came in. HBK apologized for his comments last week, and said that he and the Undertaker was meant to be. HHH said he knew, that's why he knows HBK will find another way.

30 Man Royal Rumble

Dolph Ziggler drew # 1, while Evan Bourne drew # 2. They kept a fast pace, and CM Punk came in at #3 and immediately went after Bourne. Punk then eliminated Bourne and Ziggler. Punk got on the mic and said these were the first of several eliminations he was going to make.

JTG came in at #4 and was quickly eliminated by Punk. He got back on the mic and said not everyone can win the Rumble, and not everyone can be saved.

The Great Khali came in at #5, and Punk offered to save him. He asked Khali if he accepted straight Edge into his life, and Khali responded with a chop and getting him in the vice grip. The buzzer rand, and Beth Phoenix came in at #6. Khali picked her up and placed her on the apron. Phoenx started kissing Khali and used her weight to have Khali drop over the top rope, so Beth Phoenix eliminated Khali.

Zack Ryder is #7. Punk eliminated Phoenix and asked Ryder if he wanted to join him. Before he could answer, Punk nailed him and eliminated him shortly after. He asked who's next, and Triple H's music hit, so HHH is in at #8. HHH dominated Punk, and Drew McIntyre is in at #9.

Punk went for a GTS on HHH, but HHH caught him and threw Punk out of the ring.

Ted Dibiase is in at #10. Dibiase and McIntyre double teamed HHH.

John Morrison is in at #11. Kane is #12. Cody Rhodes is in at #13 and he and Dibiase immediately joined forces to beat down HHH.

MVP is #14. As MVP was coming to the ring, Miz clocked him from behind on the entrance stage with his belt, presumably taking MVP out of the Rumble. Carlito is in at #15.

The Miz is in at #16. MVP, who was never eliminated, ran into the ring and tackled Miz over the top rope, eliminating both of them.

Matt Hardy is in at #17, but was quickly eliminated by Kane. HHH then dumped Kane out.

Shawn Michaels is in at #18 and quickly eliminated Carlito, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. He continued his run, eliminating John Morrison. DX then double teamed on Drew McIntyre and eliminated him, so it's now down to HBK and HHH. Before they could touch, John Cena came in at #19.

Cena took down DX and did a double five knuckle shuffle on DX. Cena tried to eliminate HBK, but HHH made the save and nailed Cena with a pedigree. HBK then superkicked HHH out of the ring!

Shelton Benjamin is in at #20. HBK quickly eliminated him and it's HBK vs. Cena in the ring. Yoshi Tatsu came in at #21, and was clotheslined out of the ring after about a minute by Cena. The Big Show is in at #22. Mark Henry is #23. He and Show teed off. Cena joined in, and Henry bodyslammed Show. Chris Masters is in at #24. He didn't last long, as Show eliminated Masters. R-Truth is in at #25 and eliminated Mark Henry and the Big Show, who were locked up on the ropes.

Jack Swagger is in at #26. Kofi Kingston is in at #27 and eliminated Swagger. Kingston then eliminated R-Truth.

Chris Jericho is in at #28 and went immediately for Cena. Cena quickly hit the attitude adjustment on Jericho. Cena was then able to eliminate Kingston.

Edge is back, and is in at #29! He hit the ring and eliminated Jericho.

Batista came in at #30 and cleaned house. While he was posturing, Edge nailed him with a spear. So we're down to the final four: Cena, HBK, Batista and Edge.

HBK gave superkicks to Cena and Batista. Edge speared Michaels, but the caught the ropes on the apron. HBK superkicked Edge back INTO the ring and Batista nailed HBK to eliminate him. HBK didn't want to leave, and went back in the ring. The referee told him to leave, and HBK nailed the ref with SCM. Another ref came in, and HBK finally left.

Batista and Cena went at it for a second. Batista charged at Cena, and Cena moved out of the way throwing Batista out of the ring, so it's down to Edge and Cena.

Edge was waiting for Cena. Cena charged at Edge, but Edge sidestepped him and threw Cena out to win the Rumble!

Winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble: Edge

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