-- Vince Russo is apparently no longer blogging on his Facebook page. His site will now be maintained "by an administrator who is in contact with Russo."

-- It's interesting to note that Frankie Kazarian (a/k/a Suicide) deleted both his MySpace and Facebook accounts today. There is an interesting story making the rounds regarding the X Division star, so stay tuned.

-- Kevin Nash and April Hunter filmed a sex scene last week for indie filmmaker Shawn Cain's next Ultimate Death Match movie. A number of wrestlers have taken part in the filming of the movie including Scott Hall, X-Pac, Sabu, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow and Shane Douglas. Hunter had this to say regarding her scene with Nash: "Nash is a hottie. I don't normally like the older guys that much, but he's an exception to the rule. He was such a professional!" She also added the following on Twitter last week regarding Nash and the movie: "Did my first movie"love" scene, which was HARD! Lookng sexy on film & hvng "sex" on film r 2 dif things! Thk fk it was w/ Nash=professional!"

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