-- WWE Studios has opened up an official site for the film Knucklehead, which stars The Big Show. You can check out that site at knuckleheadthemovie.com

-- Damage, starring Steve Austin will be released in the US on March 23rd. This is the reason that Steve Austin is hosting WWE Monday Night Raw on March 15th.

-- Austin's appearance is being advertised in the current edition of video rental industry magazine HOME MEDIA MAGAZINE.

-- Jim Ross has a new blog up; here are the highlights…

On Jack Brisco's Passing: I had a great conversation this morning with Ric Flair about our late friend Jack Brisco. Jack was one of Ric's mentors when Ric was preparing to become the traveling, NWA Champion. We both plan on attending Jack's services which will likely be next week in Tampa. I have been asked to speak at the service which is honestly one of the biggest honors of my life.

On HBK's Obsession: HBK's highway to WM26 seemed to become a gravel road Monday night as it's obvious that Shawn Michaels is "obsessed" with facing the Undertaker at 'Mania again. If or how Shawn gets there should make for some intriguing TV over the next few weeks. It's obvious that many fans want the ultimate return match but do we always get what we want?

On Edge's Return On Raw: Edge made an impactful return to WWE indy at the Rumble and made yet another impact Monday night with his verbal skills, adding a provocative twist to his WM26 future, and a well timed spear.

On Raw's Ending: With the way Raw left the air, I'm very curious as to how Bret Hart will attempt to orchestrate his physical retribution on Mr. McMahon. Someone will likely have hell to pay before all is said and done. The show closer left me wanting to see more of this saga.

You can check out the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com.

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