ECW original and TNA announcer Taz has posted a message on his page regarding Vince McMahon's announcement that ECW is shutting down once and for all in 3 weeks.

Last night on Twitter, Taz wrote "thank god" WWE's version of ECW is done and sarcastically called McMahon not thanking Paul Heyman or the ECW originals a "classy" move. On Facebook, Taz explains exactly what bothered him about McMahon's announcement:


So, WWE version of ECW is not alive anymore and VKM didn't acknowledge the past accomplishments of the true pioneers of the brand name. Ok, so Taz is angry about this? Taz is surprised about this? Taz is losing sleep because of this? No, no & no.

So Taz is a little confused because...
--I know for a FACT how proud Vince is of the WWE HOF! And he should be!
--I know for a FACT how proud Vince is that his highly successful company is in a position to ACKNOWLEDGE the past success of those who have paved the way for the industry!
--I know for a FACT that Vince feels its his (and his company) responsibility to recognize the successes of the wrestlers of the past...even if they never wrestled for the WWF/WWE!

I know all this as fact because I have heard Vince say these things! Every time (behind the scenes) Vince would speak on these topics it made me very proud to work under the WWE! I would bet the FARM that VKM STILL feels that(about WWE HOF) way!

In my tweet from last night, I closed it by saying "Classy Move". I think that that was a little extreme. See, saying that VKM's promo was a little vague when he mentioned "all the Superstars" that made ECW a success would have captured how i actually felt!

Point is, why not acknowledge the Paul Heymens contributions to the industry? Or, saying thanks to all the ECW original wrestlers? A lot of blood, sweat and tears were dropped during the original ECW's life! If you are going to thank cameramen & directors (etc) than acknowledge the past history because its well deserved.

If you utilized the letters ECW to make a lot of $$$ over the past several years I would assume that your respect the history of ECW? If you would produce and sell a successful DVD documenting the companies history...I would assume you feel that the original ECW history has value....than why not give it a proper send off?

Now, am I a little sensitive when it comes to the legacy of the original ECW? Well yes. Can some say that, "hey Taz... you sold out and left ECW to go to the WWE".....well yes. Unfortunately, this is a business and I did what I needed to do (at the time) for my family and have ZERO regrets!

Now, when WWE gave Tommy Dreamer his send off, they were 1st Class all the way and I went public and acknowledged that WWE did the right thing! So, do you think that WWE will build a 1 or 2 minute video package in next weeks show with shots of ECW's past? Hmmm.

Bottom line, I'm very happy the letters ECW will finally get to rest in peace....THAT'S well deserved!

In the mean time don't forget to watch TNA iMPACT on Spike TV this Thurs 9pm est!! The Tourny we got going on is a good one!!

Thanks for reading!


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