Thursday night's edition of TNA iMPACT! scored a 1.2 cable rating, rounded up from 1.18, with 1,559,000 viewers.

Thursday night's edition of WWE superstars scored a 1.0 cable rating, rounded up from 0.97, with 1,052,000 viewers.

The WWE Superstars replay did a 0.23 cable rating, with 238,000 viewers.

The February 3 episode of Psych, which featured Stacy Keibler, did a 2.2 cable rating.

The last scheduled ECW show on the live events calendar is the taping on February 23 in Milwaukee.

Regis Philbin and The Rock made a bet last month when The Rock appeared on Regis and Kelly. Regis said the Saints would go to the Super Bowl while The Rock picked the Vikings. The loser would have to wear a pink tutu. On today's show a clip was aired with The Rock saying he was a man of his word, but he'd be coming after Regis in the 2010 season. As Rocky walked towards his truck it was revealed that he was wearing the tutu.

A spokesperson for Linda McMahon, in response to criticism from one of Linda's Senate opponents about the Eugene character, said the following: "In the soap opera world of WWE, the character 'Eugene' was developmentally disabled, but rather than the beaten down, pathetic character that Rob presents, Eugene was treated via scripting like all WWE superstars with no special privileges. He competed in the ring or in a steel cage, sometimes winning, but often losing as an underdog. In the end, in spite of any disability, he was victorious and became a hero. Rather than a pathetic character, he was inspirational. It was through WWE's work with the Special Olympics since 1986 that Linda understands that these special athletes don't want preferential treatment. They just want a chance to succeed. Eugene proved to them that they could."

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