-- Former TNA announcer Lauren Brooke recently took part in an interview with women's wrestling website RedHotDivas.com. When asked whether she ever considered lacing up the boots, Brooke responded: "No I really didn't. I honestly believe that no one could just START wanting to be a wrestler at 27 years old, train for a year and go out there and show any quality. You need years to be as good as the Taylor Wilde's and Gail Kim's out there...and it would be an insult if I thought I could just.. "pull that off." She also reveals whether she was ever asked to take part in a lesbian storyline with Taylor Wilde, her favorite wrestler to work with, how she would like to be remembered by wrestling fans, and much more.

-- Don't expect much product familiarity on Cheech and Chong's part when they guest host Monday Night RAW in a few weeks. When the topic of WWE was brought up during a recent interview, they said they didn't know anything about WWE other than the company requesting them for a date with their agents booking them.

-- Saturday's RAW house show in Alexandria, Louisiana drew 5,400.

-- Tommy Dreamer has posted a new WWE Universe blog, discussing the closing of ECW.

-- WWE Hall of Fame member George the Animal Steele will appear in Port Huron, Michigan on Friday. He will be signing autographs at the Icehawks game.

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