-- I want to issue a quick apology to ROH's head of security Zach Yeager. We were able to communicate through email earlier today and the issue has been resolved. I appreciate Zach's quick reply in addressing the issue and look forward to covering ROH and attending ROH events in New York City. All is good... all is good :)

-- As noted earlier, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley [who is trying to rehab herniated and bulging discs in his back] were given permission to take a booking with Ring of Honor in May.

-- Happy birthday is former WWE superstar Gangrel.

-- The following is from Devin Cutting: From WWE.com: Before Rey Mysterio can get to the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match on Sunday, he must face a massive foe in the form of the nearly 300-pound Mike Knox on this week's "WWE Superstars."

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