-- An interview with Freddie Prinze Jr. is available at twitvid.com/C7054 Apart from talking about his upcoming role on 24, he talks Andre the Giant, being on the road with Big Show and Undertaker, and more.

-- The decision was made not to the air the controversial Orlando Jordan-male companion segment that was shot earlier this week, but the angle is still scheduled to progress and has not been scrapped. According to a source, Eric Bischoff still supports the angle and wants to push the envelope with the TV-14 content to contour WWE's PG-rated programming. It should be noted that the guy kissed and also grabbed/fondled the body/crotch of Orlando Jordan. As we exclusively noted yesterday here on the website, that was Jordan's real-life boyfriend who came to the ring with him.

-- Savannah [Angela Fong] has a not very PG role as a sorority girl in a recent direct-to-video release called Ratko: The Dictator's Son. The film was shot before she signed with WWE and features nudity throughout and scenes of drug use.

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