Eric Bischoff has taken to answering fan questions on his Facebook page. Here are some tecent responses:

On Russo's comments about writing shows for non-fans: Very astute perspective. As always, things can be written in a certain way, or interpreted by the reader to mean something other than what was intended in the writers mind. I certainly don't know what Russo was thinking and I didn't read the comments, but generally there is a balance between satisfying the wrestling fan (both "hard core" and passive) and adding enough other elements to help broaden the audience. I've said before that professional wrestling is a bit like a buffet. You have to have a little bit of everything because not everyone in our audience likes the exact same thing, although the most vocal minority (internet fans) would lead you to believe otherwise.

On the ramp preventing fan interaction in entrances: Good point. There are always certain compromises one has to make in production situations. We are hoping the "overall" look and feel of the show benefits from the ramp. Thanks for your comment!

On the chances of DDP in TNA: None.

On the chances of Goldberg in TNA: I spoke briefly to Bill a week ago, and while the subject of TNA did not come up, I sincerely doubt that Bill has any interest in getting back into the wrestling business.

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