Some more highlights from Eric Bischoff's Facebook. These answers were actually posted on Vince Russo's page and represent answers posted from February 17 to 19.

Am i the only one that finds Eric bischoff to be the sexiest man alive?

Eric Bischoff: I hope not!!! Haven't seen my wife in a week...hopefully she's at the top of the list!

Ok well I think my first question would be despite the fact we know there are more changes in store from You & Hulk, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being good & 1 being bad) how satisfied are you personally with TNA at the stage you are currently at?

Eric Bischoff: I'd say we are at about a 7 right now. Lots of work to do, but all is progressing well!

EZE, if Scott Hall behaves. Please give him a run at the TNA title. He's messed up, yeah. However Scott Hall has done so much for the business. He deserves it, no matter how much heat he gets these days.

Eric Bischoff: Its not about what people "deserve" based on past contributions or efforts, its about what any performer/athlete can deliver today! Its true in any sport/entertainment property and all walks of life (except those run by unions).

Hi Eric!...You've said in the past that before Nitro began you made a list of ways that it needed to be different from Raw in order to compete. Have you taken the same approach with TNA Impact?...All the best, can't wait for March 8th! :)

Eric Bischoff: We are in progress! Stay tuned.

Hey Eric, hows it going? TNA need to leave Orlando. Its hard to tell if they are actually wrestling fans. It comes across really bad. Its stale. The only way to increase the ratings is to move into new markets. Take iMPACT on the road, the WWE wont have no chance in hell.

Eric Bischoff: Your point is well taken and an important one. All things in good time!

Hey Eric? How do you feel about the iMPACT! Zone regulars? We love you- do you hear us singing your name?

Eric Bischoff: I do...and I love you too!! Having the show live in front of "regulars" is a double Edged sword. But I am grateful to all of you that come out and support the product. EB

You guys NEED another TV show. There's far too much talent in TNA (and probably more coming in) to fit on just 2 hours every week. I'm not suggesting a complete roster split, but just another two hour show so you can showcase some of the guys who we don't get to see very often. What would be awesome is if you kept your Thursday night slot, even when you go live on Mondays. Then, you could do a live Impact every week, and the following day you could tape a Thursday night show. The schedule wouldn't be drastically different from how it is now. Plus, you could slow the pace of the show down a little bit as you wouldn't need to cram so much in. Overall though, I have enjoyed Impact more than ever since you and Hogan came in, so for that I thank you.

Eric Bischoff: Easy to go from the "perception" of having too much talent and the problem of effectively splitting a roster. Thanks for the comments. EB

Whose decision was it to abandon the six sided ring? It was one of the key things that made TNA unique.."Four Sides of Steel" just doesn't have the same ring to gave guys with quickness and speed, such as the X Division guys, room to create some excellent matches..the current ring looks really small, and somebody is going get hurt at ringside.. I DVR TNA Impact and watch it during the weekend..and I enjoy the Flair/AJ angle..Flair is finally being used to full effect..wondering why Jeff Hardy is not on TV..that signing was absolutely critical to the future of the company..having him avaliable at tapings is essential.

Eric Bischoff: Not everyone agrees with the move to a traditional wrestling ring, but I must say that the vast majority of the response we have received has been positive. I hope there are enough other "positives" about TNA to keep you watching! EB

Ok moron, you want feedback? Here it is, YOU, that steroid freak Hogan, that waste of human flesh Bubba, those garbage men The Nasty Girls and the rest of your crew need to GO AWAY. NOONE WANTS TO SEE YOU. You are ONCE AGAIN ruining a perfectly good company with your self serving crap. Want to make TNA better? LEAVE OR KILL YOURSELF

Eric Bischoff: Joe, clearly there is something missing in your life, that has manifested itself in the form of hatred, inferiority and frustration. Perhaps you should try some Extenze?

How about not pissing all over the TNA fans in the Impact Zone and actually listening to them. When I say fans I don't mean the DAMN Bubba Army or your plants. The fans are pretty much telling you what we all think. Orlando Jordan still sucks. Most of what people have written on here is what we think. It doesn't mean we're smarks, or geeks who don't matter. The majority really think this, so stop giving us what you force fed us 10 years ago. Controversy does not create cash in 2010. It pisses us off! Get your egos out of the equation. You are on TV too much! The smirk, evil laugh and bad acting was tiring 7 years ago, as were Nash, Hall et al (Nash truly is the smartest man in wrestling...getting paid 'lots' of money for doing absolutely nothing...genius)

Eric Bischoff: Actually, if you read the posts, you will find the majority of them to be very positive and constructive and quite contrary to your opinion. That and the fact that the ratings have been consistently higher for the show suggests that your opinion, while perfectly valid for yourself, is not shared by the 2 million fans outside the Impact Zone. Thanks for the comments though!!!

Any chance of a royal rumble like concept appearing in TNA?

Eric Bischoff: Perhaps..discussing many ideas!

I've read you guys aren't a big fan of Jay Lethal Current gimmick on various websites. Don't know if it's true or not. But i'm Sadden if its true, I would love to see some Comedy Skits with Lethal (The Macho Man wanna Be) and the Hulkster. With Russo in creative i'm sure you guys could come up with some great ones.

Eric Bischoff: You shouldn't believe anything you read on a website...Jay is GREAT!

Hey Eric, here is some honest feedback of TNA; The wrestling quality is good, and I love how you push the younger guys, but the stories are pretty lame. Also, why get rid of the 6-sided ring?! It added a whole new dynamic!

Eric Bischoff: In my opinion it really didnt. It was a gimmick. The wrestlers didnt work any differently in the six sided ring than they did in a traditional ring. It also ate up too much of the screen and took the depth out of the venue. Thanks for the feedback though!

Mr. Bischoff, I was wondering what your thought was regarding the rumor of Cheech and Chong hosting WWE RAW. It seems very hypocritical of them, with their stance on marajuana, to have two well known pot smokers hosting their flagship show. Is this something that you guys would take a fun little pot shot at come Monday night? I love when you attack that stale Raw show. I will bw watching TNA on Mondays!!!

Eric Bischoff: Actually I was thinking of rolling a fatty and opening the show with a bag of Doritos that night.

Thanks for coming back, I hope to see you guys push the x-division.

Eric Bischoff: You won't be disappointed! I've loved that style of wrestling for a long time (cruiser weights).

Eric, we met years ago, albeit briefly, and I've always been admirer of your work. I think a major storyline still needs to be "who makes the cut" i.e. we have 30 guys and 15 "guaranteed" (what "guaranteed" means you decide) but keep the sense of "proving yourself" pressure on. Regards SteveV

Eric Bischoff: Thats a whole lot of TV time!

Please dont allow Vince Russo to come back. Thanks. I HATE the four sided ring still but Im still an Impact fan

Eric Bischoff: He never went anywhere! Enjoy working with the team. How can you "hate" a wrestling ring?

I hope to see a 2 hour show filled with exciting wrestling and compelling storylines. WWE can't compete with TNA's in-ring product. Also, the TNA debut of Rob Van Dam would be really awesome!

Eric Bischoff: Not sure what Rob's plans to have him. He's a great guy and an awesome talent.

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