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On Steve Austin's current activities: Got a cool email from Steve Austin showing me a billboard for his upcoming film "Damage" which is to be released on DVD in March...more specifically in a few weeks. I'm anxious to see the film and will be purchasing it just like I hope many of you do. Austin will be making the rounds promoting the action/adventure movie including Raw on March 15.

On Vader's whereabouts: Leon "Vader" White emailed me this week and is sending me some things of which to remember our late, old friend Steve "Dr. Death" Williams. Leon has made many, personal, life style changes not to mention becoming a Born Again Christian. Leon and his son Jesse will form a tag team in April in Japan which will undoubtedly be an exiting experience for father and son. Jesse graduates from Oklahoma University in May and will likely test the waters in pro wrestling upon getting his college degree. Jesse is about 6'1"-240 pounds and is healthy now that he has stepped away from big time, college football and isn't carrying the additional weight that he did when he was the top center in high school football in America. Jesse has done some training with the incomparable Harley Race who used to manage Jesse's dad, Big Van Vader, in Atlanta's WCW .

On the glut of PPVs: Any one that says that the volume of PPV events offered to us fans whether it be in pro wrestling or UFC has no bearing on the success of the other genre is spreading manure. The Mrs and I have watched several PPV's the past month including MMA and wrestling and I know that our cable bill is going to be a hefty one. Luckily, we are blessed to be able to afford to pay the tab but many folks, especially in this economy, can't and have to make conscious decisions as to what event or events that they will or will not purchase. When UFC is on the same weekend at a wrestling PPV it poses a challenge for many who enjoy both genres. Competition for the consumer's dollar comes in many forms and those that profess that one PPV genre isn't "competition" for another PPV genre is selling the proverbial "bill of goods."

On missing the UWF: Another emailer asked me if I missed the Bill Watts produced UWF and the answer is undoubtedly, yes. Not just for the in ring priority that was placed on the presentation but also for the mere fact that I was much younger then and it would be really cool to get those years back! This is just one guy's opinion, but the in ring product should remain the focal point of a wrestling show, duh, and the verbal build up and/or follow up of such is also an intricate part of the process. Free standing, poorly executed comedy bits that often die an embarrassingly, natural death are what causes many viewers, hard core fans and casual fans alike, to roll their eyes and emotionally disconnect from a broadcast or the genre in general. I love comedy but the fact is that fewer wrestlers can adequately execute comedy than can perform action/adventure, drama, etc. My suggestion is that comedy in wrestling has a place but it needs to be strategically placed and executed by only those that can do it well.

On his prospects for the future: We have several, significant business decisions to address over the next few weeks. Between now and the end of March is going to be hectic. At my stage of the game, having fun and enjoying whatever I do is imperative. Plus, and more importantly, reducing one's stress and maintaining good health is of utmost importance. I've attended too many funerals of beloved friends recently to not be smart enough to make wise decisions and to focus on things that I feel will be fun and exciting.

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