Here is an early WWE RAW preview for tonight:

-- Jewel and Ty Murray host the show.

-- The RAW Elimination Chamber completely changed the Road to WrestleMania! Sheamus lost the WWE Title, and John Can left the chamber as the new Champion! Unfortunately for Cena, Vince McMahon made him defend the title immediately against Batista. Batista quickly defeated the battered Cena and became the new WWE Champion.

-- Chris Jericho won the SmackDown! Elimination Chamber, with the help of Shawn Michaels. Will Michaels now get his WrestleMania rematch against The Undertaker?

-- Bret Hart was injured in a backstage car accident last week. What is the status of the WWE Hall of Famer?

-- Edge is scheduled to appear on the show and announce which world champion he will face at WrestleMania! Will it be Batista or former tag team partner Chris Jericho?

-- Due to Vickie Guerrero changing things up, the Diva's Title match never took place at last night's PPV. Will Gail Kim and Maryse lock it up tonight for the title?

-- Remember to join us for our LIVE WWE RAW coverage starting tonight at 8:45pm ET! Stay tuned throughout the day for lots of news as well!

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