Eric Bischoff has answered more questions on his Facebook page. Here are the highlights.

On working with Ric Flair in TNA: "Ric is a good friend and a great person. We all have our own short-comings and challenges in life, but Ric is one of he most gracious and generous people I know. I support him 100% and am proud to call him a friend"

On Jim Cornette: "I have never worked with Jim, so I can't honestly say if he has a perspective on the business today that would be an asset to the cause. Television is a dynamic business that becomes more challenging every day. If Jim (or anyone else for that matter) can bring a solid understanding of the psychology of what makes our business successful AND can apply that value to the process of being successful on a major cable network IN TODAYS MARKET, I would love to work with him. "

On March 8th Live Impact: "VERY excited about the March 8th show. Jan 4 was all about a new beginning. March 8 will be all about story. On of the best shows I've seen in years."

On WWE Replacing ECW With NXT: "I think it was a smart move. While I haven't seen the show yet, my understanding is that the format is unique and it will be a platform to introduce new talent."

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