Michael sent this along, confirming our report yesterday that Stephanie McMahon is once again pregnant with her third child. Here is his email:

I am emailing you about the Stephanie McMahon-Levesque pregnancy rumor. I am not sure if anyone told you this, but on Linda McMahon's official twitter, twitter.com//LindaForSenate, a user by the name of Anissa Saada wrote: "@LindaForSenate is it true that Stephanie is pregnant? hope you can find the time to answer. if it's true CONGRATULATION! i wsish u the best" to which Linda responded: "@AnissaSaada yes it's true and the family is very excited", so Linda has confirmed it.

She doesn't say anything else about it, but this AnissaSaada asks her a bunch of other questions, so we'll have to see if she comments further. I know this isn't AMAZING news, but just stumbled across it. Anything to help! Anyway, wonderful site, thanks so much for putting so much time and energy into it!

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