-- Kelly Green of 100.9 The Farm passed on audio featuring an interview he conducted with Rob Van Dam on Friday morning regarding rumors that he has signed with TNA Wrestling. RVD didn't quite confirm the rumors, but didn't discount them either. "Officially guys, no, I haven't signed anything officially. However, the talks have been very, very good lately. I'm sure I will be speaking to them a lot more today as well. I'd say there is a pretty good probability that you should tune in Monday night on Spike. Officially as of now, although rumors are everywhere that I have signed, it is not official at this moment." You can listen to the full audio by going to wnlradio.com Note from Ryan Clark: I can now confirm that the Rob Van Dam-TNA deal is set. He is 100% confirmed for TNA iMPACT! tomorrow night head-to-head with WWE Monday Night RAW from 9-11EST.

-- WWE.com is featuring an article taking a "What if..." approach to the now infamous 1997 Survivor Series "screwjob" incident involving Bret Hart. The article features comments from Hart, Steve Austin, Triple H, Jerry Lawler and Jim Neidhart.

-- WWE.com is featuring a video preview of the new Shawn Michaels DVD "My Journey" looking back at the history of The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in the WWF/WWE. The DVD is available this Tuesday (March 9).

-- Recently fired and now former WWE star Shane 'Hurricane' Helms posted a tweet on Friday night hinting that he got married this past weekend. He posted a photo from a wedding on his Twitter account. Helms posted the following update on Twitter: "Still single peeps! I meant I was a groomsman today at my cuz's wedding and that my hair was looking particularly groomed." Good one....... ?

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