-- Yesterday was TNA wrestler 'Mr. Anderson's' birthday. He turned 34 years old.

-- An interview with Doug Williams is available at MiamiHerald.com. In it he discusses training as a judoka before getting into pro wrestling, among other topics.

-- An interview with Bill Goldberg is available at tulsaworld.com. Here are some highlights: On being in negotiations with TNA: "Pardon my French, but Hulk Hogan's full of crap because I was never in negotiations with TNA." On returning to wrestling: "Do I see myself getting back in the wrestling ring? I'm 43 years old. Do I want to be Ric Flair? Do I want to be Hulk Hogan? In the twilight of my life, do I want to be running around in my underwear trying to injure people? Absolutely not."

-- The second part of an interview with Desmond Wolfe is also available at tulsaworld.com

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