-- Gail Kim's injury from last Monday's Raw was apparently not serious as she worked last night's live event in Salt Lake City, Utah. While she claimed she wasn't injured in a message posted on her website over the weekend, those in the company say she was and those live noted she had to be helped out of the ring following the Diva Pajama Pillow Fight Match.

-- Rey Mysterio will be appearing at the K & M All Star Sports in the Crystal Mall, Waterford, Connecticut on Saturday, Apr. 24 from 10:00 a.m. to noon. For more info, call K & M at 860-772-2041.

-- Reports are suggesting that the latest Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment project, a reality show featuring midget wrestlers from Micro Championship Wrestling, had a budget that was north of $110,000. A lot of footage was shot for the show in Florida this week, finishing up tonight. Hulk Hogan filmed a cameo for the show last night at Tampa's Dallas Bull nightclub. TruTV is reportedly behind the project.

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