Former WWE star and possible TNA signee Rob Van Dam posted up a blog on his website where he breaks down the Toxicology report of Umaga:

"Umaga's toxicology report came back and to the surprise of no one, he was quite medicated. The one that gets them every time is a muscle relaxer called soma…or technically referred to as carisoprodal. OH- the boys are hating reading this, but I'm not giving up any secret to success, I'm just telling it like it is, like I always do. I'm not rehashing old news that was just bad publicity and better off left alone. I'm talking about current life. It's really good and I'd like my friends to continue enjoying it, so please, stay the f*** away from soma abuse. If anyone does the research on the dozens of my deceased brethren and finds that my claim that 75% or more of the drug-related deaths is inconsistent with the truth, please tell me. I bet you'll learn something during the research."

RVD is of course a huge advocate of marijuana and it's pain relief properties.

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