-- The Associated Press has released a story concerning the cause of death of former WWE performer Edward Fatu (a/k/a Umaga). The article notes that Fatu's passing last month "was caused primarily by the combined effects of painkillers, tranquilizers and a muscle relaxant" with "hypertensive cardiovascular disease" also mentioned as a cause. Just before his death, Fatu had returned home after taking part in a wrestling tour in Australia. He was found unconscious at home on Dec. 3 and died after being taken to Northwest Medical Center in Houston.

-- Lance Storm has a new blog entry up, discussing Monday night, which you can read at StormWrestling.com. Lance seems so bitter these days. I wonder why?

-- Celebrity Apprentice debuts Sunday night on NBC. This year's wrestling ties are Goldberg, Cyndi Lauper and the recently released Maria Kanellis.

-- Kung Fu Cinema has a review of Wrong Side of the Tracks up at kungfucinema.com The film features Batista and Rob Van Dam.

-- Steve Austin appeared on Lopez Tonight on TBS yesterday. He promoted the March 23rd DVD release of his film Damage, and while it was mentioned that he was a WWE Hall of Famer, they did not discuss wrestling during the appearance. Former creative team member Freddy Prinze Jr. was also a guest on the show, and said that working for WWE was the chance to work a dream job for 6 months.

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