-- Here's the official synopsis for The Undertaker's next DVD set The Undertaker's Most Dangerous Matches: He's the most ominous presence in the history of Sports Entertainment, known for his remarkable "WrestleMania" streak and taking the souls of scores of superstars. Now the Undertaker's most dangerous conflicts are collected in one 3-disc DVD set, "Undertaker's Deadliest Matches". This set includes "Casket Matches", "Buried Alive Matches", "Hell in a Cell", "Last Ride Matches", "Body Bag Matches", "Boiler Room Brawls", "Concrete Crypt Matches" and numerous other brutal bouts.

-- The dark match main events for the two shows immediately following WrestleMania have been announced. Raw will see John Cena, Edge and Triple H team up to take on Batista, Sheamus and Chris Jericho. SmackDown's dark match main event features The Undertaker and Edge against Chris Jericho and CM Punk

-- RAW's annual post-WrestleMania tour of Europe have John Cena and Triple vs. Sheamus and Big Show, and Randy Orton vs. Christian as the advertised top matches in most cities, with Triple H vs. Randy Orton and John Cena vs. Sheamus headlining other cities. On the SmackDown side, Chris Jericho vs. Edge, and Rey Mysterio and Kane vs. CM Punk and John Morrison, are being advertised as the top matches in most cities, with Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk and Kane vs. Drew McIntyre in the remaining venues. It should be noted that there has been talk of turning John Morrison heel so we'll see. As always, things can and likely will change.

-- Tuesday was Melina's birthday as she turned 31 years old. On her Twitter account (http://twitter.com/RealMelina), she posted a number of messages chronicling her special day. Also, she noted over the weekend that she is walking again after undergoing surgery to repair a torn ACL in January. She is targeting July for her return to the ring.

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