-- Tommy Dreamer has opened up a new website, which you can check out at thetommydreamer.com Dreamer has also posted his final WWE Universe blog. Here is an excerpt, discussing his leaving WWE… "My leaving WWE was the hardest thing to do in my life. I refer to it as WWE A.D.(After Dreamer).I worked almost 10 years there. I truly liked, all the people associated with the company. I miss them and the fans everyday. I left for many reasons, which I will not discuss here. ECW was my world and all that I have is because of ECW. My connection to the fans is something that means so much to me. Fact, when I was the main event on ECW I was the highest rated main event every year. You can look it up. (me and Chavo Guerrero 1.6, me and Mark Henry 1.5, me and Koslov 1.3 and that match was poopoo. Hell me and Big Daddy V did a 1.2) many men and women came on that show and it was good old reliable me that was the highest rated every year. That is a hard pill to swallow, when you hear of the failing ratings of ECW. Networks wanting to change the show because of ratings. If you want to read into my leaving ECW, you can relate it to the Conan O Brien saga with his show. I felt I left my mark in WWE with the many men and women I hired to help realize their dreams. The many people I have encountered in my tenure in WWE is something I hold deep within my heart. I hope that I have influenced your life somehow, because you all have influenced mine. See you on Twitter or thetommydreamer.com"

-- Here is the synopsis for WWE's upcoming DVD set on Undertaker, The Undertaker's Most Dangerous Matches: "He's the most ominous presence in the history of Sports Entertainment, known for his remarkable "WrestleMania" streak and taking the souls of scores of superstars. Now the Undertaker's most dangerous conflicts are collected in one 3-disc DVD set, "Undertaker's Deadliest Matches". This set includes "Casket Matches", "Buried Alive Matches", "Hell in a Cell", "Last Ride Matches", "Body Bag Matches", "Boiler Room Brawls", "Concrete Crypt Matches" and numerous other brutal bouts."

-- Today, Batista moves into eighth place all-time of longest reigning WWE World Champions, surpassing "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He surpassed Randy Savage last week as well. Here is the complete list:

1) Bruno Sammartino - 4,040 days
2) Hulk Hogan - 2,185 days
3) Bob Backlund - 2,138 days
4) Triple H - 1,151 days
5) Pedro Morales - 1,027 days
6) John Cena - 969 days
7) Bret Hart - 654 days
8) Batista - 530 days
9) Steve Austin - 529 days
10) Randy Savage - 520 days

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