-- Recordnet.com did their first weekly chat hyping WrestleMania yesterday, with their guest being Cody Rhodes.

-- AZCentral.com has an interview up with John Morrison, discussing wrestling in Stockton, CA after going to college at University of California, Davis.

-- The Miami Herald has an article up about their teaming with WWE to "recognize three South Florida youngsters who display very good or improved grades in school along with a positive attitude, good character and sportsmanship." You can check that out by going to miamiherald.com

-- About.com recently interviewed Jesse Ventura. Ventura had some interesting things to say about Hogan, here are some highlights... "Hogan was the one that ratted me out to Vince. From the days that I came into wrestling, that was a no-no and Hogan knows that. You were called an office stooge if you ratted a guy to the promoter. And that's how I feel Hogan was to me, an office stooge. Hogan denies that he did it but I know that he did.

When I sued Vince McMahon and we went to federal court, we had to put him in deposition. I told my attorney this story and asked him that in this deposition if he could work his way around it, I'd really like to know who ratted on me. So my attorney asked Vince, and they can ask anything in a deposition, and this is under oath: "Mr. McMahon, has there ever been a union in wrestling?" Vince said no. "Has anyone ever tried to form one?" and Vince said that I think that Jesse Ventura might have spouted his mouth about it once or twice. My attorney asked how do you know this? Did you hear Mr. Ventura do this? And with no hesitation, Vince went: "No. Hulk Hogan told me."

I didn't show any emotion but I almost fell out of the chair. At that time, Hogan and I were friends. And I thought, wow, he is the guy that ran and ratted me out when I tried to unionize wrestling. I found out why he did it though. Because in discovery of my court case, I found out that at WrestleMania III, Hulk Hogan individually got paid more money than all the rest of us did combined. And that is documented."

-- Chris sent in the following: For the week ending February 28 2010... TNA iMPACT! from February 25 (airing on Bravo on February 27) drew 91,000 viewers in the first airing of the week (+26,000 viewers) - the Bravo+1 airing didn't draw a rating in the top 10... For some reason we don't have RAW ratings (from February 22) - I'm not sure whether RAW aired on a different channel (it was meant to air on Sky Sports 3, but they have no mention of RAW this week) or what happened, but that would potentially mean that Raw drew 25,000 viewers or less for this week in its various airings. SmackDown! from February 26 - drew 165,000 viewers in its first airing (another reason to believe the lack of Raw is a snafu, and not some huge anti-RAW movement) The debut episode of NXT drew 38,000 viewers in its first airing.

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