-- Bret Hart was on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg yesterday. Hart discussed his return to the WWE, and stated that he was the one that approached WWE about the return. You can listen to the full interview at tsn.ca

-- If you plan to attend the Bret Hart book signing in Tempe, Arizona at The Changing Hands Bookstore Wrestlemania weekend, here is what you need to know. You have to buy the book from that store in order to get a ticket for the signing. Also, Hart will not be posing for photos at the signing.

-- On March 26th, Greg Valentine is doing a meet and greet at Angilo's Pizza Springdale in Cincinnati, Ohio at 6PM. For details, call (513) 771-0914.

-- Jesse Ventura on Tuesday's episode of the Howard Stern Show, and stated that he just got done filming a movie for the Wachowski brothers. Here is Ventura's explanation of the filming…

"Wait til you hear what they did. They brought me, and they brought Arianna Huffington in after me. Arianna was there, and they had her looking like Cleopatra. What they did… Do you remember what John Travolta looked like in that horrible film Battlefield Earth? They put multicolored dreadlocks on me all the way to here. They gave me this crazy beard that was hanging down pointed, looked like Travolta, right? And they put a third eye in the middle of my forehead. Because what this is, is this is a hundred years in the future, and they wanted me to talk about the current war in Iraq and how I felt about it. And so I got to vent, looking like this maniac in this whole outfit."

-- TMZ.com recently caught up with Batista while signing some autographs. A video is on their website.

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