-- Diva-Dirt.com has an interview up with former TNA Knockout Alissa Flash. Here is what she had to say about her fall out with TNA… "There was a time period when I wasn't on TV for a little while and basically during that time, there were negotiations and talks and the result was neither of us could come to terms. However, a lot of people ask me if I would ever go back to TNA and I said absolutely if the timing is right."

-- Mick Foley has a new blog up on the TNA website. Here is what he has to say about Monday night… "There sure seemed to be a little magic in the air this past Monday, as we kicked off what we all hope will be a very exciting time for the company, with what I felt was an excellent "Impact". I know the rating wasn't quite what we are hoping for, but if we keep delivering the type of show fans saw Monday night, I have to believe that eyeballs will start turning our way and the ratings situation will take care of itself."

-- Abyss has a new blog entry up, which you can read at TNAWrestling.com. Here is some of what he had to say about Monday's iMPACT!… "It was a great night of surprise and intrique throughout the Impact zone. The arrival of RVD sent shock waves throughout the wrestling world as one of wrestlings best had now joined TNA in its fight to be number one. The crowd was electric as RVD defeated Sting in his TNA debut to the rouse of all the fans jammed into the Impact zone. And What can I say about Jeff Hardy??? Does this guy have impeccable timing or what???? He showed up at the very end of the show to help out Hulk and I. His arrival marked his return to TNA and was a much needed boost in the arm for Hulk and I to fight off Flair, AJ, and Wolfe"

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