-- The Wall Street Journal Magazine published a story this past week profiling WWE's international business and use of international stars. Stephanie McMahon is quoted in the piece, noting WWE is searching China for new talent to add to a roster that includes The Great Khali from India, Kofi Kingston from Ghana, West Africa, and Kung Fu Naki from Tokyo, Japan. "We are making more of an effort to recruit from other countries," Stephanie McMahon said. The Wall Street Journal Magazine added she is looking to recruit talent from China. Former WWE performer Paul Heyman is also quoted in the story.

-- Shane McMahon was recently at a media summit in Abu Dhabi, where he was quoted as saying "You have to go where the money is." He said he was at the summit looking to make some media venture deals. The full article is available at thenational.ae

-- An interview with The Miz is available at slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling He talks about the now-infamous chicken-eating incident and wanting his own WrestleMania moment. Miz notes: "I got kicked out for eating a piece of chicken over a guy's bag in the locker room. I was kicked out for six months. I had to find a place to shower, to use the restroom, to change. I've had it pretty rough in the WWE just because I'm an outsider, and WWE is kind of like a close-knit family or a fraternity. Once you're an outsider trying to lurk in, they will haze you and haze you and try to see if you're up for the task or if you're just going to quit. I'm not a quitter. I'm more of a person that says bring it on."

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