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-- On his new DVD, Shawn Michaels provides commentary for a match he had in Ottawa against Bret Hart. Michaels went out of his way to put Hart over, saying both tried to work past their conflicts. Shawn admitted there was paranoia on his part and that they both believed management kept them at each other's throats because the feeling was that it was the best thing for business. The commentary was clearly taped before Bret's return, as Shawn said he hadn't seen Hart since the night in Montreal. He also said he had Bret's phone number and wanted to call him and bury the hatchet because it sends a bad message to people if you can't forgive and forget, although he never did end up calling.

-- At this afternoon's NWA New Beginnings event in Charlotte, Adam Pearce defeated Blue Demon Jr. and Phil Shatter to regain the NWA championship.

-- News surfaced today that Vince McMahon's 47-foot sports yacht in Boca Raton is named "The Sexy b---h." This has lead to some bad publicity for the Linda McMahon campaign Linda's political opponents are trying to portray her as someone who hides from the media and from the public, following her refusal to answer some questions for a newspaper story on the lifestyles of the candidates, the fact that she turned down an interview with Anderson Cooper and that unlike most candidates, she wouldn't release her latest tax filing. There is no requirement for her to do so, and her campaign people have submitted a detailed personal financial disclosure form.

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