Event: TNA Monday Night iMPACT!
Airdate: Monday, March 15th, 2010 (SpikeTV)
Location: Universal Studios Soundstage 21 in Orlando, FL
Results by: Bob Colling of TNAWrestlingNews.com

A recap of last week's live show kicks off tonight's show and runs down Sting turning on Hulk Hogan, the debut and beat down of Rob Van Dam and the big tag team main event with Abyss & Hogan taking on AJ Styles and Ric Flair. Jeff Hardy's return is also aired.

A Hummer arrives to the Impact Zone as Hogan, Abyss, Jeff Hardy and RVD all exit and walk towards the Impact Zone. The new Impact intro hits as we are welcomed to this week's show Mike Tenay wonders what the Hogan/Bischoff regime will have in store for us as we are less than a week away from Destination X.

AJ Styles' music hits as he comes down to the ring with Ric Flair. AJ Styles says that he and Abyss have had classic matches in the past but the result has always been with Styles on top. Styles says he does not believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, nor does he believe in magical rings. He does believe, though, that he is the best wrestler in the world and will prove it at Destination X.

Flair steps in and punches his wounds to make his wounds bleed before saying to Hogan and Abyss that they are dead men and that he hates Jeff Hardy for stepping in. Flair says that Hardy should get used to bleeding if he wants to play ball in TNA. Hardy's music then hits as he comes down to the ring to confront the champ and the legend.

Styles yells in Hardy's face and says that he has done nothing in TNA but challenges him to a match later on tonight if he wants to be in the spotlight. Hardy responds by saying it will be a breeze. Flair tells Hardy to go get high in the back because he will need to be high to go up against Styles. Hardy says he will be flying high on the back of his creatures of the night as he leaves the ring.

Mick Foley meets up with Eric Bischoff in the back where Bischoff gives him an earful about his refereeing last week. Bischoff goes on to say that he is going to clean Foley up in the middle of the ring to turn him into the corporate executive he needs to be in.

At the announce table, Mike Tenay and Taz run down tonight's card that will feature Hulk Hogan confronting Sting, Mick Foley getting a hair cut and shave from Eric Bischoff, and AJ Styles taking on Jeff Hardy. We are then shown footage from earlier in the day where the Nasty Boys beat down Jesse Neal and drove him through a catering table.

We head to the ring where the Nasty Boys with Jimmy Hart. Brian Knobbs screams in the microphone that they were going to be in a six-man tag match, but it now looks like a handicap match. Team 3D comes out with a table and says they found another partner as Brother Runt runs down to the ring.

Match 1: The Nasty Boys/Jimmy Hart vs. Team 3D (Six-man Tag Match)
Team 3D starts out strong against Jerry Sags before Brother Runt gets a little distracted and the Nasty Boys cut off the ring and use their size to their advantage. Jimmy Hart is tagged in but Runt is able to get to his corner and tag in Brother Ray. Ray takes out all three of his opponents but Knobs is able to drill Ray with the motorcycle helmet as Hart picks up the pin fall as the other members of Team 3D are distracted.

After the match, the Nasty Boys continue on the assault and set a table up in the ring. Jesse Neal runs out to the ring with taped ribs and clears the ring before Team 3D and Neal drive Sags through the table with a 3D.

Christy is with Angelina Love who issues an open challenge to any of the Beautiful People, especially Velvet Sky, to a match in the ring. She says it is time to cleanse TNA one beautiful person at a time.

Jeremy Borash is with the Band and Syxx-Pac says he has been kicked out of better places than TNA but Scott Hall says when they set out to do something, they will get it done. Hall says that next Monday they will be the newest big money men in TNA. Kevin Nash and Eric Young walk in and Nash challenges Hall to a match tonight and puts up $25,000 of his own money if he can last 5 minutes in the ring.

Match 2: Mr. Anderson & Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle & D'Angelo Dinero
Wolfe and Angle go back and forth in the opening moments of the match with a series of arm bars before a cheap shot by Anderson gives his team the advantage. The two then work over Angle with quick tags but Angle is able to turn the tide after taking Wolfe out with a overhead suplex. The Pope is tagged in who works over both of his opponents even with an injured ankle. The match begins to break down and Wolfe tries to put Dinero in a figure four but he counters with a small package to pick up the pin fall.

After the match, Wolfe attacks the Pope from behind and takes the fight to the entrance ramp as Anderson takes Angle out in the ring. Anderson then takes Angle's medal and again carves up Angle's forehead. Anderson then gets on the microphone and says it is a small example of what will happen to him at Destination X before repeatedly nailing Angle with the microphone.

Hulk Hogan is in the office with RVD and Jeff Hardy and he tells them that he has a surprise in store for AJ Styles and Ric Flair as Abyss is the special enforcer in the main event. As they leave, Eric Bischoff walks in and says that he loves surprises but wants to be in on big things like Hardy and RVD. Hogan says he has his hands full and decided to "call an audible." Bischoff says that he does have some business to take care of as some people need to be reminded who is in charge around here.

Match 3: Angelina Love vs. Daffney
All three members of the Beautiful People come out and Velvet Sky says that for one night only, Daffney is an honorary member of their group as she comes out from under the ring and attacks Angelina from behind. Daffney heads out to the floor and brings a hammer into the ring. The referee takes it away from her which gives Angelina enough time to turn the match around, the Beautiful People, though, interfere in the match and the referee calls for the bell.

Daffney isn't done, however, as she sends Angelina into the entrance ramp before letting the Beautiful People at her. Tara comes out to help Angelina and drives Madison Rayne down with the Widow's Peak and gets into a stare down with Daffney as we head into a commercial break.

Another recap of Sting's actions last week is aired. Hulk Hogan's music then fills the Impact Zone as he makes his way down to the ring. Hogan gets on the microphone and says that he cannot shake the image of Abyss wondering why Sting turned his back on everyone and calls Sting out for answers.

Sting is seen walking in the rafters as he takes his time making his way down to the floor. As he heads to the floor, RVD attacks Sting from behind and sends Sting into the ring post a few times. RVD tosses the baseball bat to Hogan and rolls Sting into the ring but Bischoff comes out and puts a stop to the assault.

Bischoff gets security to take Sting out of the ring and Bischoff reminds Hogan that he is no longer a wrestler. Bischoff says they came to TNA to be leaders and pleads with Hogan to stop wrestling and put that part of his life behind him. Bischoff then leaves the ring as the announce team runs down what just happened.

Hernandez meets up with Jeff Jarrett in the back and wants to avenge Beer Money for what they did to him last week. Jarrett goes along with it before Bischoff stops them in their tracks and instead puts Hernandez in a handicap match against Beer Money. Bischoff then books Jarrett as the referee in the match but says to call the match down the middle or he is done with TNA.

Match 4: Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash (5-Minute $25,000 Challenge)
Kevin Nash comes out to the ring with a fistful of cash for this challenge match. Nash lets Hall do his little toothpick antics for a moment before beginning to beat Hall down. Hall is able to get in a little offense before Syxx-Pac comes in and takes Nash down with a chop block. Nash is then handcuffed to the ring ropes and the Band beats him down until Eric Young runs out to save his partner. The numbers game is too much for EY as the band beats him down as well before taking the money and celebrating in the ring.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Beer Money and Robert Roode says all they wanted was an opportunity to show Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff what they are made of. He says they have been treated like rookies since they arrived and they deserve better. James Storm says Bischoff finally gave them an opportunity last week with Jeff Jarrett and this week with Hernandez. Storm goes on to say that they are done catering to the fans and that they are now all about making cash and getting trashed.

Match 5: Beer Money vs. Hernandez (Handicap Match)
Beer Money goes on the attack as Hernandez comes into the ring as Jarrett tries to restore some order. Matt Morgan is seen walking out to the ring before turning around and heading to the announce table. Morgan says Hernandez put himself in this situation and this is the consequences. Morgan says he thought they would have a tag team warm up match but Hernandez decided to go into business for himself.

Back in the ring, Beer Money continues on the attack but Hernandez is able to mount come back and even takes Beer Money down with a double suplex. Morgan then says that Hernandez has the match under control and leaves the announce table. Meanwhile, the numbers game catches up with Hernandez and Beer Money hits the DWI as Jarrett makes the slow count to end this match.

Beer Money then continues on the attack as Jarrett tries to stop them. Jarrett is tossed aside and Jarrett takes off the referee shirt before going after Beer Money. Hernandez then recovers and takes Beer Money out with a double clothesline as Beer Money clears the ring and head up the ramp.

Eric Bischoff is seen walking in the back with a mirror and a razor as we head into a commercial break. We return to see a barber's chair in the ring as Bischoff says it is time to clean things up in TNA before calling Mick Foley out to the ring. Foley comes out wearing his suit and sneakers as Bischoff invites him to sit down in the chair. Foley sits down but soon pulls out Mr. Socko and puts Bischoff in the mandible claw. Foley then grabs the clippers and begins to shave Bischoff's head. Foley then slaps Bischoff awake and shows him his reflection in the mirror as Bischoff cannot believe what just happened.

A recap of what just happened to Eric Bischoff at the hands of Mick Foley is aired as we head to the back where Christy is with Shannon Moore. Moore says he has been studying the book of Dilligaf and has promised the freaks that he will bring home the X Division Title. He then welcomes Doug Williams to glam rock.

The Motorcity Machine Guns comes out to the ring and say that Destination X will be a night to remember as it will be the beginning of their rise to the top. Chris Sabin wonders what Generation Me has done to earn a spot in the Ultimate X match against them. Generation Me comes out and reminds the Guns that they beat them when they made their debut in TNA. Alex Shelley says they do remember and says they are good, but the Guns are great.

After some heated words, the two sides get into a brawl as Brian Kendrick and Amazing Red come out to join the fray. Daniels runs down and takes out Red and Kendrick before Kazarian runs out and takes Daniels out with a ladder. Bodies start flying everywhere as Generation Me hold the ladder in the ring as Red flies out and jumps out to the floor and onto the Guns, Daniels and Kendrick. The four then stand tall in the ring as Mike Tenay says the future of the X Division will be determined at Destination X.

Jeremy Borash is with Abyss who says AJ Styles and Ric Flair have been trying to take away his ring but he isn't giving it up. He says it's time for him to start doing the taking, which will start with him taking the TNA World Championship from Styles on Sunday. Abyss then does his best Hogan impersonation and says he is going to run wild and crazy on Styles and Flair.

Match 6: AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy w/ special enforcer Abyss
The bell rings and AJ Styles goes right on the attack but Hardy makes a comeback and hits Styles with a middle rope leg drop. Hardy then locks Styles in a headlock but Styles backs Hardy into a corner and the two trade chops before Styles dumps Hardy out to the floor. Flair begins to head towards Hardy but Abyss walks up to him and Flair walks away. Hardy comes back in the ring Styles goes back on the attack and picks up a near fall after hitting a dropkick.

Styles begins working over Hardy's legs but Hardy is able to kick Styles out of the ring and onto the entrance ramp. Styles answers back by hanging Hardy up on the top rope and locks Hardy in a chin lock. Hardy comes back with a couple of forearms before hitting a front suplex. Styles comes back by poking Hardy in the eyes and takes him down with a brainbuster but it isn't enough to keep Hardy down.

Hardy begins to mount a comeback and hits a moonsault on a standing Styles but Styles kicks out of the pin attempt. Hardy then tries for a Twist of Fate but Styles is able to counter with a Pele kick. Styles then hits Hardy with a flying forearm but Slick Johnson is also in the way and takes a lot of the punishment. Styles heads out to grab a chair but Abyss stops him.

Styles heads back to the ring and tries for a 450 splash but Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy then heads to the top rope and hits the swanton bomb as Abyss slides into the ring to make the three count. Ric Flair, though, cuts the celebration short as he attacks Hardy and Abyss with a steel chair. Abyss, though, feeds off the chair shots and begins to "Hulks up" and drives Flair through the entrance ramp as Styles looks on with a shocked expression on his face and is seen hugging his championship as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
- The Nasty Boys/Jimmy Hart defeated Team 3D by pin fall.
- Kurt Angle & D'Angelo Dinero defeated Mr. Anderson & Desmond Wolfe by pin fall.
- Angelina Love defeated Daffney by disqualification.
- Scott Hall defeated Kevin Nash in a 5-minute $25,000 Challenge.
- Beer Money defeated Hernandez in a handicap match.
- Jeff Hardy defeated AJ Styles by pin fall

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