Mike Aswolt sent this in:


(1) The Bella Twins beat Katie Lea Burchill & Jillian (a twin rolls up Jillian). This was an awful match, and I hope no one else has to suffer through it.

(2) Christian & Yoshi Tatsu & Mark Henry beat William Regal & Zack Ryder & Jack Swagger. Christian was the star if this match, which highlighted him. Christian hits the Killswitch on I believe Ryder. A fine match and the crowd was happy.


* Rey Mysterio beat C.M. Punk. Rey was there for his hometown crowd. They had the best match of the night, and Rey's hometown crowd was loud and enthusiastic. Punk taunted the Chargers players at ringside and ragged on San Diego for heat. Rey celebrated with a Mexican flag after the match, and did a dance
around it.

OTHER NOTES: Cena totally missed the five knuckle shuffle, couldn't believe they acted like he hit it. I hate to tell the IWC but Sheamus drew serious heat. Will be interesting to see if he can keep it when he no longer is doing squashes. Jericho also had an awesome burn during the commercial break. As the crowd was chanting he sucks he said, "It's impossible for me to suck, I'm not from San Diego." Legacy also ran down on the first pedigree attempt but fortunately turned right around at the ramp. Came back once it was hit for real. That crossrhodes looked nasty in person. Punk came out during the last commercial break to set up the dark main event with Mysterio and got a lot of heat. They wrestled a great 10-15 minute match with a lot of reversals and 619 fakes. I think Mysterio was extra motivated because usually just gets squashed by a lame monster heels in front of his home crowd. Roof popped off the place when he won. Am surprised how quiet the crowd sounded on TV was actually a pretty good one (better than Vengeance in 2001). Was a little weird to see so many younger kids there but they were completely into it, yelling the whole time. My initial impressions of pops and heat were:

Mysterio (beating Punk)
Cena (initially louder although Austin's longer)
Triple H
Edge (whispering spear) / Christian (winning the tag match)



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