Jim Ross wrote on his official website that it's unlikely he'll return to working WWE television on weekly basis in response to a reader who asked if he'll be paired with Jerry "The King" Lawler again. "I don't think that WWE is interested in putting me back on weekly TV and all the travel that comes along with it at this time," Ross wrote. "Would I love to work with King again? Certainly. Is this my call? Nope. Do I think that I will ever be paired with Lawler again on a regular basis? Highly unlikely."

From Michael Grote: I wanted to pass along the word that Chris Jericho is featured in a competition on 700WLW here in Cincinnati known as "March Madmen." Listeners can vote for who they believe is the craziest person in the news in the past year. Jericho makes the list for the Public Intoxication incident back in January.

Brian Kendrick no showed an indy show over the weekend in England. He said he didn't get his flight details in time.

WWE Developmental Trainer Norman Smiley will be hosting a seminar/clinic/scouting potential talent on Sunday April 18, 2010 in Deer Park, NY. This is Norman's first time ever having a seminar and all are welcome to apply. For more information, go to nywcwrestling.com or email [email protected]

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