WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com with an update on his WWE contract status, WWE banning chair shots to the head, Steve Austin and more. Some highlights:

His WrestleMania Assignment: It seems that many within the wrestling media know more about my Wrestlemania assignment that do I. I still don't know what I'm specifically and officially doing in Phoenix but as I mentioned I am just happy to be attending the event. So for those of you that may read what my role is going to be in conjunction with WM26, and insiders might be correct at the end of the day, just for the record and as of today I don't know. However, if you get any more inside info please share it. I need to know what to pack.

His WWE Contract Status: "I've also I read where I signed a new contract with WWE, I hope to BTW, however that is also wrong as what I signed was a contract extension to take us through the end of April. Re-signing with WWE is my top priority and I hope that we can get another, long term deal done sooner than later."

WWE Banning Chair Shots to the Head: "Nice to see WWE focus on eliminating chair shots to the heat of their athletes. I blogged about this several weeks ago which I am sure means nothing in regard to this decision being made. Some asked if I thought this mandate was 'politically motivated' to which I emphatically say hell, no. It simply makes common sense and the overall health of the competitors has to be any companies utmost priority."

Steve Austin: "Yours truly spent Tuesday night in the home of Steve Austin in Southern California and had a great time catching up with one of my best, old friends. If you follow either Steve, steveaustinBSR, or me, JRsBBQ, on Twitter you already knew that info. We had a great dinner, likely drank a little too much and stayed up later than either of us should have but we both enjoyed the much overdue visit. We destroyed ample amounts of grilled salmon. Steve is working OT in promoting his film "Damage" which is out on DVD on March 23. I know that I plan on supporting Steve's efforts and hope that you do as well. Steve continues to train about 5 days a week and is in great shape. Before anyone goes nuts and starts emailing me, 'NO' I don't see Stone Cold ever wrestling again as he is devoting the majority of his waking hours to building his film career and is well on his way to amassing an impressive body of work. 'Damage' is a damn good, action adventure, kick your ass film."

On TNA: One emailer told me that TNA was going to "beat" WWE because TNA had "stronger tag teams." What?! TNA will never "beat" WWE but that doesn't mean that TNA can't be a viable brand that is profitable if they provide an alternative product to what WWE produces. Now watch the emails flow about how I am biased, which is true, and that I hope that TNA fails, which is very wrong.

Be sure to check out the full blog now at JRsBarBQ.com

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