-- The Hartford Courant blog noted the WWE ban on chairshots to the head. WWE's Robert Zimmerman was asked about the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV and noted that it was in December, before the chair to the head ban came in January. He also noted that no performers suffered concussions on that show. It was later pointed out to the paper that February's Elimination Chamber PPV featured people being thrown head-first into bulletproof glass, and that one talent (Sheamus) suffered a concussion on that show.

-- The same blog has a story on a focus group being shown some of WWE's more risque moments on YouTube. The group found the content, which was from the 90s, to be objectionable. WWE responded to the criticism by saying it was misplaced, and pointing out that what happened in the 90s does not happen now. You may read the full story at blogs.courant.com

-- HHH is in an upcoming documentary on the life and career of Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister. The documentary debuted on Monday night in Austin, TX.

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