-- This morning on his official website (http://www.jrsbarbq.com/), Jim Ross gave his take on the TNA product, suggesting that TNA and Spike should consider moving iMPACT! one hour earlier as lead-in prior to Monday Night RAW.

"I think that TNA has a lot of work to do before they can begin to find the success that they need and want. Perhaps starting an hour before Raw might help them," Ross wrote.

"Obviously producing an alternative product is imperative. Their replay on Thursdays isn't a bad idea but Spike really needs to commit with promotional time to give their wrestling product a fighting chance."

Note from Ryan Clark: I've said all along that it was stupid to go from 9-11EST. Anyone in the business that I ask feels the same way. They need to go 8-11EST to get that one-hour lead-in.

-- On her MySpace account, Angelina Love posted the following photo of her welted back following a beatdown at the hands of "The Beautiful People" on iMPACT! two weeks ago.

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